Stretching should be essential if you want to reduce muscle and joint pain, and have a better body posture. Well, doing them every day, 10 minutes after getting up, would help you have a better quality of life.

We tend to forget the importance of stretching, we are so busy during the day that we don’t have even ten minutes to relax and give our joints and muscles a routine that will allow them to have more flexibility and less inflammation.

Therefore, it is important that you seek to have these ten minutes to be able to stretch, in fact we bring this stretching routine so you can have a complete routine that you can do in these 10 minutes before you get up, and thus start the day well.

Neck stretches

Neck extension

The neck is an area where a lot of tension accumulates, due to the stress and anxiety that our obligations entail. What’s more, we tend to be in a constant state of stress more than is actually healthyThis is why stretching this part of the body is essential to avoid complications such as cervical deviations, tension headaches and reduced mobility.

Lateral neck flexion

Day-to-day stress also causes the shoulders to shift forward and rise cranially because of that stress. Plus, keeping a hunched posture builds up even more tension. The way to relieve it is by doing a lateral neck flexion.

Internal rotator stretch

This type of stretch, even if it is considered as one, stretches not only the pectorals, but the internal rotators such as the biceps and anterior deltoid.

Due to the poor posture we have at work or in our day to day, the above chain is compromised due to excessive tension. This stretch is very good for elongating the front chain, placing more emphasis on the front than the back.

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Latissimus dorsi stretch

A lot of tension tends to build up in the latissimus dorsi due to the hunched forward posture that we usually have, that causes an internal rotation of the shoulder, which can be solved by performing this type of stretching.

Stretching the fascia of the abdominal area

More and more people have back problems due to poor postural ergonomics, so it is important to know how to perform this type of stretch in order not only to stretch the abdominal fascia, but also the anterior chain and the entire back.

Hip flexor stretch

We spend a lot of time sitting so our hip flexors shorten, causing our posture to get worse and worse. Stretching the hip would help you avoid that this occasion more serious problems than you usually have, such as pain in the lower back.

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Hamstring stretches

Many people, even if they don’t seem like it or don’t realize it, have short hamstrings due to excessive training, physical inactivity, stress or poor posture.

This shortening triggers the pelvis to lock into a retroverted position, causing kyphosis in the upper back and flattening of the lower back, causing pain in the lower back.

Plantar flexor stretch

Soleus stretch

It is the soleus, which is closely related to the gastrocnemius or triceps sura, that causes plantar flexion. The problem arises that the calf suffers many breaks when it is shortened, but it can be solved if we stretch the soleus correctly.

Gastrocnemius stretch

To complement the previous stretch, you can perform a gastrocnemius or triceps sural stretching exercise, which is another of the muscles, apart from the soleus, that generates plantar flexion and gives you greater ankle mobility. This can help us gain more depth in a squat.

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