In the Twitch community the famous 24-hour live shows are becoming more and more common, whose objective is that the streamer in question stays in front of the camera doing, generally, the common and general content of his channel. However, this too can lead to health problems for these people, since not sleeping, especially if it is done regularly, brings serious risks that could lead to extreme cases in death. Thus, without reaching this limit, a famous streamer has ended up hospitalized.

The streamer in question is PandaTV, from Australia who just became known for your full-length live streams of World of Warcraft, even holding the record for the longest stream-athon with 840 hours, so in such a competitive world in order to acquire as many subscribers as possible, some streamers like PandaTV do the unthinkable to take advantage of others, like the marathon days mentioned in the previous paragraph and that have ended in a scare for your health.

A pain in his arm and knee led him to the hospital

As reported, on September 10 during a broadcast that intended to reach 24 hours live for charitable causes, PandaTV reported that he was beginning to feel bad due to pain that was increasing in the knee and arm, which, in a very wise and mature way, led him to close the stream when he had been 13 hours and go to the hospital.

Already in the hospital, the streamer has been updating his status although without giving a cause for what happened. Yes indeed, it seems that it has not been anything serious seeing as it is already out of the intensive care unit equivalent. It should be noted that so far it is unknown if the stream had anything to do with his health problem, as PandaTV has not provided further details on this.

It is worth mentioning that, despite the fact that many streamers paint it differently, the truth is that it is a race that can cause great physical and mental exhaustion, which is why there are not a few who, even at the risk of losing followers and, therefore, income, decide to take a break to compose themselves, which should always come first if you feel bad.