Anyone who has ever entered the soulsborne universe will know that playing these From Software titles, especially at the beginning, means a big challenge of patience, self-control and resilience. Overcoming the adventure can be so difficult that it ends up being a personal achievement. Nevertheless, the most skilled and experienced players enjoy adding handicaps to the game: beat it naked and to level 1, the No-Hit challenge to beat the game without getting hit, or play it with crazy controls like a toaster, voice commands, a piano, or, now a command in morse.

This challenge has been achieved by streamer Rudeism, who is known in the community for his fondness of playing games using the craziest controls, such as Rocket League with a rhythm guitar, Overwatch with a dance mat, and now, Beat Dark Souls 3 with a Morse code controller that features a single button and no lever. The streamer, performing different combinations of commands, had to command his character to walk, roll, attack and defend himself through the well-known Morse language, an absolutely obtuse challenge in which, however, he has managed to emerge victorious.

Of course, these challenges from the advanced players mean a challenging twist to increase the difficulty of titles that are already famous for the challenge they pose. In fact, these days we have witnessed more milestones, such as the God Run surpassed by the streamer The Happy Hob, who was able to pass Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro consecutively without getting hit on all of them. There is no doubt that players who perform these types of challenges obtain the most remarkable achievementsSince it will sound almost impossible to any ordinary gamer to be able to overcome such ambitious goals in titles created by From Software.

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▪ Release date: 04/12/2016