a simple and powerful series that reflects on life

a simple and powerful series that reflects on life

Eight years it took to expand the universe posed by Big Hero 6the film released in 2014. This is produced with Baymax!a Serie developed to learn about the day-to-day life of the character that gives the content its name. Faithful to its tradition, this type of story allows Disney tell more than just a story; they are used to paint a world and explore a piece of the human condition and the context in which it is found.

Although it would be worth checking Big Hero 6 To know the history of Baymax in detail, this series walks independently. It is not difficult to understand the why of things. Although this could invite us to think that it is simple, the opposite is true: it is because of its narrative simplicity that it is solid. A) Yes, it prevents the viewer from entering gardens or paying attention to aspects that are not of interest to the narrator. That means that it can be a content for all audiences: the little ones will enjoy it and the older ones too.

Baymax! offers a series of capsules on different aspects of life, treated with simplicity and emotion, without being corny or simplistic. In this way, it is possible to touch on various themes and stories that later come together at the end of the series. It offers a dialogue between artificial intelligence and humanity that can be understood as futuristic, without leaving aside the value of feelings in this process: perhaps one and the other will always need each other.

Baymax! and diversity

A lady stuck in her memories. A cook who clings to the family tradition. A manager of a cafe that she does not want to neglect. A teenage girl going through her first menstrual period. A wild and hungry cat. Other stories that later come together from a common point: Baymax and his interest in helping them, monitoring their health.

The robot goes through life attentive to any complaint that can be interpreted as a physical or emotional mishap. Then it emerges to do a scan, offer a solution, and monitor that the person complies with it. This attitude, invasive at some point, allows us to discover different aspects of contemporary life. When these are seen cold, it is understood that it makes no sense to position work over personal well-being; that mental health has as much influence as physical health, if it is feasible to separate them; that sometimes tradition, misunderstood, becomes a burden rather than an opportunity.

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Through their cases Baymax! explores those ideas, while putting the focus on the elderly, on the community LGTBIQ+, in the mother-child relationship, in the space that is given to little things on a day-to-day basis; like a cat hiding under a concession stand. Each theme and character is a vehicle that leads the observer in a clear direction: review aspects of his life, while being moved by the robot and the reaction of those who are close to him.

The dialogue between the parties

The most complex case, among all the above, is when Baymax! must help a cat that has swallowed an earphone. Without reason or communication tools to build bridges, this case can be read symbolically. At times, as a species, humanity may not place adequate value on its ability to think and manifest that which is in its head.

However, you can trust; Even if it’s an animal. It is normal to find many people who find in their pets a space of trust, a being that is beyond the circumstances. That is also another of the peculiarities of Baymax!: Even though it is a series about artificial intelligence, it does not leave aside the main interests of humanity and those that make it special.to the point of becoming fond of a machine that, apparently, does not transmit any type of emotion, that which moves human beings.

a simple and powerful series that reflects on life

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Baymax! is available from this June 29 on the platform of Disney+.