a sensual Beidou cosplay blows our minds

a sensual Beidou cosplay blows our minds

The world of cosplay never ceases to amaze us, as some of them are getting better and better in terms of complexity, managing to perfectly portray the character they are about to characterize, and such is the case of this beautiful Beidou cosplay by the beautiful Jannet, who has hit the nail on the head with her performance.

Genshin Impact is undoubtedly a great source of inspiration for cosplayers as they can draw on an extremely diverse and charismatic cast. Looking forward to next week’s 2.7 update, which will introduce Yelan and Kiku Shinobu, we admire the cosplay from Janet from Beidouthe intrepid captain of The Crux.

Genshin Impact: a sexy Beidou cosplay blows our minds (@jannetincosplay)

Beidou She is the captain of The Crux, an armed fleet famous for its exploits. She is especially famous for her fearless character and her superhuman strength, which made her something of a legend in all of Liyue, even before she got her Electric-type vision from her. In Genshin Impact she fights with a broadsword and is considered one of the strongest sub-DPS in the game, despite being a 4-star character.

The cosplay by Janet of Beidou it’s just perfect. Nothing really is missing: the costume, despite the complexity of the design, has been recreated with the utmost care in every detail, including the thick hair and the iconic pirate patch on the left eye.

The choice of pose is also particularly successful and reflects the personality of the original character. By the way, Jannet proposed her Beidou cosplay during Milano Comics & Games a few weeks ago, maybe you had the chance to see her live.

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