a risky bet from Netflix, with more intrigue than terror

a risky bet from Netflix, with more intrigue than terror

When a series is presented under a label, it naturally conditions expectations in relation to it. Anyone who approaches the Marvel Cinematic Universe knows that they must make some concessions, just as someone who approaches Paolo Sorrentino’s cinema recognizes more authorial gaps, both in terms of themes and production. With file 81, the feeling is that the horror series label conditions the production of eight chapters too much.

Is the above a problem? No, but it is necessary to make the caveat. file 81 it’s close to horror, yes, but it’s more mystery and subtle drama. Dan Turner, played by Mamoudou Athie, is hired to solve a mystery. The detail is that this company takes him down different personal and family paths that make the series resonate on different planes: his story leads to others.

Dan must decode the story implied in a series of tapes shot by Melody Pendras, played by Dina Shihabi, who decided to film her entry into a historic building. To do this, like an instagramer, he documents as much as he can and interviews different neighbors. That last point hides the other layer of the story: they are strange roommates, with different peculiarities that generate suspicion (and a little fear). Since the story of one depends on the other, the characters of Dan and Melody carry the story behind their backs.

file 81: Occasional Scare on Netflix

If the viewer wishes to find a pure and simple horror series, file 81 it is not. The Netflix series relies on different genre resources to build atmospheres, generate some fear, but not to offer an intimidating experience. The strength of this production Service streaming goes in another direction: intrigue.

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Whoever approaches her from that perspective can find an attractive story. Among the different characters and interests that are discovered through the production, different questions and themes can be developed. The main trigger for the stories that are told are a series of cassettes, filmed by Melody, that Dan restores to reconstruct the past. Each piece is a trigger for a specific story that is linked to the global idea.

Between the stories there is a web of suspicions, fears, possible betrayals and a clash of interests that leave Dan at a kind of personal crossroads: the events touch part of his family. That entry and exit of stories proposed by the Netflix series, with the creation of Rebecca Sonnenshine and Paul Harris Boardman, It has a success in the direction of the camera and the montage: it demands the viewer’s attention, which may get lost at some point, but the resources are used judiciously and efficiently.. file 81 It is an interesting story, of tensions between one and the other, with a correct realization.