Home Gaming A player finds the most OP way to take down Flamenauts easily

A player finds the most OP way to take down Flamenauts easily

A player finds the most OP way to take down Flamenauts easily

The community of Call of Duty: Vanguard players knows that they have at their disposal a large number of tools with which they can stand out in their games, the gameplay of Call of Duty has always been so attractive over the years due to the multitude of weapons, perks and Killstreaks.

Something that we find quite interesting is that this allows players to customize their style of play and when you have multiple players all flexing their personal loadouts, Call of Duty games can become very interesting.

It’s true that gamers are much more goal-conscious these days, and as a result, most people use the same weapons. But other elements are still up in the air, like Killstreaks, and Flamenaut, in particular, can really turn the tide of a match.

The Flamenaut streak requires 9 consecutive kills to get in the game, and unless you’re resourceful and have the right weapon to take a player from a distance, you’re likely to succumb to the heat. But Reddit user willoftheman showed pictures of an easy and efficient way to make mincemeat with Flamenauts.

Quite simply, make sure your throwing arm is up to date, make sure you have a Thermite grenade equipped, and throw one directly at the player using it. It will stick to the monstrous suit and continue to hit the armor with a steady stream of flaming thermite damage and destroy it in a few seconds.

Now, you may have already thought about this method, but it’s very easy to overlook Thermite Grenades, especially in this ability during a battle. Users who saw the video commented on it with a large number of players who believed that the Goliath is also another ironclad way to take down the Flamenauts. “Even simpler and you don’t have to die. The Goliath tank will take them out,” one player mentioned.

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