A player completes Skyrim 100% and these are the hours they have invested to do it

A player completes Skyrim 100% and these are the hours they have invested to do it


The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an awesome game. A decade after its release, Tamriel’s gameplay and settings continue to amaze players. From the coast of Morrowind to the island of Solstheim, the glacial valleys and dungeons of Skyrim impose more than one as they travel a journey that leads them to fight against fierce enemies.

In this regard, Bethesda did such a good job with this role-playing game that it has continued to fascinate its players, as some of them share the details they have found during their explorations, tips to face enemies and even compare the time that it has taken them to finish it. While some take several hours to complete their first game, others have found some interesting tricks to speed up the process. But if the players agree on something, it is that most of them continue with the adventure after having finished the main story.

the story of skyrim

To get into context, this open world has several game possibilities since, in addition to the main story, it deals with a few side plots that facilitate some of the missions. But while they have the option to roam the lands of Skyrim at will, they can acquire 18 different skills with which they can raise their own level, something that will come in handy in the future, especially given the events that have threatened the peace of the land. city ​​after the civil war between the Stormcloaks against the Empire conquered at the hands of the Thalmor. In addition, it could be said that the return of the dragons has greatly contributed to improving this battle experience. Thus, the gameplay has become much broader.

On the other hand, including some enemies like mammoths, frost trolls, and mountain giants, there are known to be over 150 dungeons in all of Sykrim. That is why it is not surprising that some details have gone unnoticed. Although, it should be mentioned, the mods have contributed to the fact that the magic between the lands of this role-playing game does not disappear completely. And it is that having the possibility of being able to change a series of elements in the game results in a totally different gaming experience from the original. That’s why customizing in unique ways continues to attract thousands of players year after year, plus Skyrim, by itself, has a lot of content and things to do.

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How many hours would it take to finish all the Skyrim content?

In relation to the above, few players have given themselves the task of completely finishing the game, due to the immense number of hours that it would take to discover everything that Skyrim offers. But recently a Reddit user named DiJGit, claimed to have 100% completed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after 700 hours. During this time, the player, after finishing all the quests, collected all the items, shouts, and spells in the game. In addition, he unlocked all the skills available in Skyrim and finished the game at level 252. To verify this, he shared in the publication some images that demonstrate the full exploration of the map and the menus that contain the statistics that he himself confirmed in his comment, as well as the number of enemies defeated and spells learned. Finally, he opens a gallery where DiJGit Show off your impressive home.


So far, it should be noted that the statistics menu has some very precise details. For example, the player’s preferred spell and the number of items he drew during the match. In its whole, DiJGit found an immense number of gold, which corresponds to 5,953,567, on a par with 3,000 looted chests. Thanks to the fact that we can see his house, we realize that he has unique pieces in his basement, such as Daedric artifacts and, of course, a portrait of Lydia, his wife.

Although everything seems to indicate that the achievement is true, some of the players are skeptical. Some of them claim that Paarthurnax is still alive, which would mean that he hasn’t completed all the quests. But, on the other hand, other players answer that it is possible to finish without activating the mission to kill this character. The rest of the opinions suggest that there could be parts that DiJGit was lost or overlooked. However, among the most interesting questions the player was asked was about his favorite quest in Skyrim, to which he replied Bound Until Death, The Mind of Madness, and At the Summit of Apocrypha, as well as briefly explaining why.

While there might be minor details that the player might have missed, the truth is that the player claims to have completed roughly 99.9% of Skyrim, which is still pretty impressive considering the extent of the open world game.

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