A perfect Guilmon tattoo for any Digimon fan

A perfect Guilmon tattoo for any Digimon fan

Digimon is one of the anime and manga series with a large number of fans around the world, with unique stories and characters, which allows us to appreciate the amazing adventures of the chosen children facing the dangers of the digiworld, although this time the character de Guilmon has taken a more leading role.

Something that has surprised us is that some fans take their appreciation for these characters even further by making articles, figures, fan art or embodying them on their body with a tattoo. The possibilities are endless among red-bone fans of the beloved Digimon anime, not to mention that it’s a franchise that has been with us since our childhood.

This time we have found a Guilmon tattoo so epic that surely all Digimon fans will want to have it. A tattoo that a fan has done on his arm and that has been shared through the artist’s Instagram.

Dave.vero.ink, is an anime tattoo artist who has amazed us more than once with his amazing works in which he manages to perfectly recreate the work of various animators, but in the skin of people, and that is, with a truly enviable result, allows us to see a version of Guilmon perfect for all Digimon fans who want to get a tattoo.

Dave.vero.ink has recently published a photograph where we see the final result, with Guilmon embodied in the skin of the fan. Guilmon is a Reptile-type Digimon. He is a peaceful and calm Digimon, and bears the Digital Hazard symbol on his chest, which means that he is capable of causing massive system damage.

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It’s always been made clear to us that if raised right, they can learn to control their fighting instincts and use their potential to protect the digital world instead of destroying it, and that’s why we grew fond of him upon seeing him in the anime. , so this time, it was embodied in an amazing way by the artist.