A new Xbox console would have been leaked

A new Xbox console would have been leaked

Even though it’s only been a little over a year since the Xbox Series X|S launched, there’s already a leak with a new Xbox console. During this time, both next-gen consoles have garnered great success, including smashing sales records held by previous Xbox consoles, and even now, both consoles are struggling to stay in stock due to high demand. All in all, according to this leak, Microsoft could be working on a new Xbox console or something of the sort.

As with previous console generations, publishers tend to release new iterations of established consoles, and Xbox is no exception. Following the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft subsequently released upgraded versions of the same hardware in the form of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. This most recent find hints at something similar or something completely new.

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Will there be a new Xbox console?

On Twitter, a user named Tero Alhonen has identified a new keyword for an upcoming Xbox project, whose code name is Xbox Keystone. This is incredibly significant, considering Xbox has used similar codenames in the past to hide the identity of a new Xbox console. During E3 2019, Xbox announced Project Scarlett, which became the codename for the console now known to the gaming community as the Xbox Series X.

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From now on, it is impossible know what Xbox Keystone could potentially mean. Considering how recently the Xbox Series X|S was released, it’s unlikely that this will be an entirely new Xbox console. This is likely a new iteration of the Xbox Series X, similar to the aforementioned Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Or perhaps it’s a VR headset.

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