A new Unity video shows off its impressive graphics; looks like real life

A new Unity video shows off its impressive graphics;  looks like real life

A new trailer for Unity it shows the amazing degree of realism and detail that can be achieved with such an engine, which is used by developers both large and small to create high-fidelity environments through its easy-to-use systems.

It goes without saying that video game visual effects have come a long way over the years. It wasn’t long ago that games like the first Mass Effect were considered the pinnacle of 3D graphics, and while that game and many others remain in the eyes of many gamers, they simply laid the groundwork for what was to come.

Better systems for displaying materials such as liquids have been developed along with advanced lighting engines, making it possible to create highly detailed and robust environments in video games. Face capture, animation, and other minor implementations like modern hair physics have brought the character models to life, and they’re starting to look more and more photorealistic.

However, the recent short film “Enemies” uploaded to the YouTube channel of Unity take things to the next level. The concept of this video is simple: a woman sitting at a table in front of a chessboard, delivering a monologue.

However, the central focus of the video is her face, which is rendered in realistic textures and detail, elevated by facial capture that captures even the smallest of expressions. This video is intended to highlight several improvements made to the presentation of digital humans from Unity.

This video could revitalize the old debate about the visual aspect of video games. There are gamers who say they don’t care about graphical fidelity. However, the games have different tones and goals, and some will benefit from more realistic visuals. For this reason, it is good that companies like Unity continue to promote the graphic section.

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