A new Tomb Raider is already in development!

A new Tomb Raider is already in development!

In 2020, Crystal Dynamics gave us Marvel’s Avengers, which was a critical failure. Since then, the company has worked to improve this experience. For two years, very little was known about the future of the studio. Fortunately, this changed today. At the State of Unreal 2022 event, Crystal Dynamics not only announced that they will work using Unreal Engine 5 in the future, but that a new game of tomb Raider is already in development.

During State of Unreal 2022, Dallas Dickinson, General Manager of the Tomb Raider franchise at Crystal Dynamics, appeared on the main stage to reveal that a new game in the series is already in development. This delivery is defined as a “high-quality action-adventure cinematic experience,” which seeks to “push the bar on fidelity” and create an experience that Lara Croft fans deserve.

Outside of the use of Unreal Engine 5, that’s all the information that’s available at the moment. There is no release window, platforms, or title. This will be the first new mainline Tomb Raider game since Shadow of the Tomb Raiderwhich was released in 2018.

Along with this, let’s remember that Crystal Dynamics is still working on fixing and creating new content for Marvel’s Avengersand they are also supporting the development of the new Perfect Dark together with The Initiative, so it will surely be some time before we have more information about the next Tomb Raider.

On related topics, a modder has ported the original PS1 Tomb Raider to the Game Boy Advance. Similarly, these are the latest details of the Tomb Raider series for Netflix.

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Editor’s note:

The last Tomb Raider trilogy was very good. Although the latest Crystal Dynamics work could have been better, I have faith in the studio with this new installment. The interesting thing will be to see if we will have a continuation of Shadow of the Tomb Raideror another reboot.

Via: State of Unreal 2022

A new Tomb Raider is already in development!

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