A new OnePlus smartphone is seen in leaked images

A new OnePlus smartphone is seen in leaked images

Over the past year, OnePlus underwent one of its most drastic changes. The company finalized its merger with Oppo, a sister company. Since then, it seems that they have not been able to agree on what strategy to follow with the mobile launch. So much so that this year alone the company has already launched a lot of different devicessome exclusive to specific areas of the world, and with prices that often don’t make much sense.

Now, it seems that the adventure does not end here. According to a new leak published by Evan Blass, famous and reliable leaker, a new device would be in development. In the images published by Blass you can see the render of a new terminal. In addition to having a slightly modified design to that seen in the OnePlus 10 Pro, there do not seem to be many other changes noticeable to the naked eye.

However, it seems that this is all we will know about the new terminal until further notice. Evan Blass posted the images on his Twitter profile without any other description, so we don’t know his features, price or target market.

More details on this OnePlus leak

OnePlus 10 Pro

The only thing that seems to be clear is that the OnePlus phone It will have a 64 MP main camera. The number is clearly visible on the back of the device, if the renders are to be believed. In addition, all your sensors will be protected in an outstanding area; very iPhone 13 Pro style.

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At first sight, this camera module seems to be lower quality than the OnePlus 10 Pro. This has made many believe that it could be a standard OnePlus 10, although the lack of the Hasselblad logo has made others doubt.

As for the design on its front, we can see the signs OnePlus classics. A camera hole in one corner of the screen, and a front that aims to be quite generous in terms of usable space.

So which OnePlus is it?

media like Android Authority have suggested that it could be the new OnePlus Nord. The overall design of the device indicates that it will be located in the mid-range. In addition to this, they point out that it has a strange resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy A53, so it would confirm the theories that it is a mid-range terminal.

Some users even point out that the color of this unknown OnePlus it is very similar to the Galaxy A53. Others, however, hope that it is not made of the same “cheap material” as the latter.

Of course we will have to wait for OnePlus to confirm or refute the theories. That, or wait for the next leak, although remember to take them with a grain of salt.