Uncle Microsoft’s gift of kings has already arrived then new game now available on Xbox Game Pass and two more will be throughout the day. Embr is a very interesting platform game in which cooperative play has a great weight. The other two games that will be available today are the incredible Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which is one of the biggest surprises of this month, and Outer Wilds that returns to service.

These three games make up a rather unique offer. Outer Wilds is for example one of those games that offer a unique experience in the world of video games and that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Embr, the new game available on Xbox Game Pass

Embr, the new game available on Xbox Game Pass

In the new game on Xbox Game Pass you will play as a world firefighter and you must break into burning buildings full of obstacles, and many more things that you will have to interact with to get ahead. And yes, as a firefighter you will have to put out fires, save lives, rescue goods and earn money with the sweat of your brow. In addition, you can improve your team by buying technological tools, and outfits, everything you need to play better.

Get ready to install these three great games, which will take you through space. Without a doubt, the biggest novelty of this beginning of January is the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which was one of the best surprises. This is the list of games available on Xbox Game Pass:

  • Embr – It is now available
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Available throughout the day through EA Play
  • Outer Wilds – Available throughout the day
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