It’s no secret that Nintendo hasn’t had the best of luck with the controls for the Switch. The Joy-con suffer from the infamous drift, a problem that has even reached different cuts, while there are people who are not happy with the lack of a headphone port on the Pro Controller. Thus, a record indicates that the company is preparing the arrival of a new control.

According to a document issued today in the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Nintendo has registered a product under the name “Nintendo Game controller”. This accessory has the code BKEHAC043. All products for the Switch have the term HAC, which gives us an idea of ​​the type of accessory that would come our way in the future.

Although no further details are offered, some people have pointed out that this record is related to a new model of the Joy-Con, rumors that we have heard for years, which would solve the problem of drifting. Similarly, it has been noted that the SNES controller for the Switch Online has the code HAC-042, so the new product could be related to a similar accessory, such as a controller for the rumored Game Boy or N64 games. .

According to the document, confidential information must be disclosed by March 16, 2022. This means that Nintendo will likely share more details before this date. With rumors of a Direct coming up in September, we may not have to wait long to meet the new Switch controller.

In related topics, a rumor indicates that N64 games would arrive on the Switch Online along with a price increase for the subscription.


Via: Nintendo Life

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A new control could come to the Switch

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