A new battle royale by Ubisoft is leaked

A new battle royale by Ubisoft is leaked

Earlier this year, Ubisoft mentioned that the servers of Hyperscapeyour title battle royale, would be coming to an end this month because no one was playing it. However, the publisher French is still not giving up on the genre and according to a well-known insiderthey are already working on another battle royale known as Path Finder.

Tom Hendersonnotorious insidermentioned that this game will be by teams, and each of them must reach the center of the map to face a boss controlled by the AI. Each character will have their own unique abilities, similar to Overwatch and Apex Legends. Because the project is still in early access, many of these details have not been 100 percent verified.

It doesn’t make much sense that after what happened with Hyperscape, Ubisoft I want to enter the world of battle royale once again and in such a short period of time. I mean, we still don’t know when this new game is going to debut, but if it’s already leaked, then it may not be that long before its official reveal.

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Publisher’s note: With the topic of NFTs, Assassin’s Creed Infinity, and now this, it’s clear to me that Ubisoft is increasingly looking to move further and further away from these single-player adventures, and instead focus on these infamous games-as-a-service that have been lately constantly failing.

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