Minecraft will never cease to amaze us. From users capable of using the Mojang video game to make impressive creations to the phenomenon that it has been in the world of streaming, moving millions of users who not only enjoy playing it, but also enjoy watching others play.

And of course, it is impossible to ignore the enormous originality that many of its mods show, since the title is one of the video games with the greatest support for modifications in history. Today, we want to talk to you about how a Minecraft mod incorporates Super Mario 64, including its model and all its original set of movements from the Nintendo 64 title.

The Minions are finally coming to Minecraft

Twitter user @Pdxdylan is the author of this amazing mod, which powers Mario 64’s own engine within Minecraft. In a video shared by the author, you can see how Mario is capable of running, cartwheeling, climbing cobwebs, and even flying using his iconic flying cap.. Oh, and it can also hit sheep.

However, the creator has mentioned that the content is still in the process of being created, and that given Nintendo’s position on this kind of fan projects (which consists of using the legal route to force them to stop them) does not ensure that it will to be able to finalize it and share it with people.

A Minecraft mod incorporates Super Mario 64 with all its set of movements

As for Minecraft, the title received the first part of Caves & Cliffs in early summer, which promises to be one of the biggest updates since the title’s release. The second (and longer) part of the update will arrive this Christmas.

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