A Lunatone bug is so good that all trainers want it

A Lunatone bug is so good that all trainers want it

The Pokémon GO player community experiences some bugs from time to time that could hinder the gaming experience or make us smile. Interestingly, a coach who was in GO Battle League could even have anticipated a future video game mechanic.

Something that we find quite interesting is that, GO Battle League is a feature of Pokémon GO that allows trainers to battle against opponents from all over the world in online Trainer Battles. However, sometimes it doesn’t work as expected.

This was the case for one user, whose Battle League crashed, forcing them to restart the app. Although when they logged in, they saw a bug that practically looks like a real feature.

A bug could become a great Pokémon GO feature

“Go Battle League went offline so now I’m battling this random moon,” Reddit user MyhohMeh posted. “When I opened the game, I clicked on battle and it didn’t open, it just spawned this health bar on top of the moon”

While some users called the bug hilarious, others suggested that it could actually be a pretty cool feature to battle Pokémon without having to go to the capture screen. Not only that, but your Pokémon friend could get in on the fun too.

“It would be great to use your friend Pokémon to battle wild Pokémon and make them easier to catch or even drop an item,” another user suggested. This would make capturing ‘mon wild’ much easier, and potentially prevent Pokéballs from being wasted on pointless capture attempts.

Unfortunately, for now this just seems like a random bug. Other users said they had experienced something similar, but none had the perfect placement that we see here with the health bar appearing above Lunatone.

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