It will be presented in just a few hours, but a leak has uncovered the final design of the new convertible from the star brand. The new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 has been uncovered, of course, without any camouflage, with all its characteristic details in view. A very sporty design that will bring great news.

Can’t keep a secret. Leaks are the order of the day, and in the case of new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 They almost overlap with the world premiere of the model which is scheduled for just 24 hours from now. A debut that you can follow directly with us, seeing the model completely natural and full-scale production

And is that one filtration has unveiled the drawings that show the design of the production model registered in a patent office of which they have not realized. Despite the fact that in recent weeks the new Mercedes convertible model had already been seen practically naked, some special and key details in the general design of the SL’s exterior were hidden under a promotional camouflage, all that has now been left behind. discovered.

New Mercedes-AMG SL 2022 patent leak reveals rear design

The new Mercedes-AMG SL 2022, leaked hours before its debut

The fine horizontal headlights arranged horizontally like the latest generation of models, flanking the Pan-American grille and large engine ventilation intakes. The same shape of the headlights has been transferred to the rear lights, which also feature a strong influence from the still for sale AMG GT Roadster.

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A very behind rounded and practically an evolution of the style of the previous model, including also the old SLS AMG. The filtration corresponds to one of the most powerful versions of the range, in view of the insert in the rear bumper that is shown with a satin chrome finish and with the four square prongs characteristic of the sports brand. A design for this area, like that of the front bumper that It will vary depending on the mechanical versions showing a more or less aggressive image.

With an interior of 2 + 2 seats and a cutting edge front end and retro details, the AMG GT Roadster replacement will feature the large touchscreen on the center console but with a digital instrumentation under a redesigned visor. One of the important novelties of the new sports car with a canvas roof, and a select range of engines that, for the first time, will feature blocks of four cylinders, plus six cylinders, V8s and even plug-in hybrids, which we have already seen in tests.