Divinity Original Sin 2 on an iPad Pro on the table.

We recently discovered that one of the most popular RPG games in the gaming industry gaming it had landed on the iPadOS App Store. From Larian Studios they have adapted the title Divinity Original Sin 2 with a version next-gen specially designed for iPad that takes full advantage of all the power of Apple tablets.

Divinity Original Sin 2 is a game RPG in which players have the ability to create their own hero and join groups to take down the enemies that plague the vast world of Rivellon.

The great strengths of Divinity Original Sin 2 for iPad are its spectacular graphics, the dynamics of the game mechanics and the excellent management of the complexity of its progression system with which players can improve their heroes and weapons.

Divinity Original Sin 2: a mobile RPG with the scent of video consoles

We started our Divinity Original Sin 2 review by talking about the technical section. The game developed by Larian Studios is available on the iPadOS App Store by 27.99 euros and requires 1.8GB of storage space to download.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Divinity Original Sin 2 has such a high graphic power that it is only compatible with the latest generation iPad models. These are the devices on which you can download and play Divinity Original Sin 2:

  • iPad Air (2020)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (2018)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (2020)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2021)
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (2021)

The game is also available on other platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC and Mac.

What is the story of this RPG about

One of the things that stands out most about this title is its amazing historyEither because you create a generic character and follow the path of the sorcerer of the source or because you use the characters that Larian Studios has created to live a more personal adventure. Be that as it may, the depth of the characters and the complexity of the world of Divinity Original Sin 2, put us before a game immersive and chilling.

We do not want to gut the story and its complexity, so we can only recommend that you play it. If you are only going to get with the main story, the game will last you about 60 hours. With the secondary missions it is very easy to exceed 100 hours of play. For this reason, we are facing one of the longest and most replayable titles of the entire App Store, at least as far as RPG’s are concerned.

The highlights of Divinity Original Sin 2

The game is good, very good. We are facing one of the best RPG games for iPad in history. First of all, mention that it has a wide repertoire of customization options for each of the character races, which adds extra depth to the plot and gameplay experience. In addition, as we mentioned previously, the graphic section is a real delight for all the senses.

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original divinity sin 2
Divinity Original Sin 2 on the iPadOS App Store.

Another of the strengths of Divinity Original Sin 2 for iPad has to do with the impressive dimensions of your world. It is simply gigantic. This means that you will always have new areas to explore, new missions to discover, and new enemies to fight. Every time you believe that the world cannot grow any more, it will, and this happens up to 5 times. In addition to the general map, it has hundreds of hidden areas, secrets that will make it grow more and more. It is immeasurable!

Gameplay on iPad

The controls are in 3 ways:

  • Touch screen
  • Command
  • Keyboard and mouse

With each of these ways of playing the interface is fully adapted, for example if you use keyboard and mouse you will see the version equivalent to the PC where you can handle as you would on your Mac. It is really comfortable.

Be that as it may, the Most striking way to play is with the touch screen of the iPad, it is very comfortable and accurate. Even if you are not used to playing on the touch screen, it lends itself to long sessions of gaming. Although there are some buttons that take up some space on the screen and the scroll should be done with two fingers, one ends up getting used to it. Gaming on the iPad turns out to be a great way to enjoy Divinity Original Sin 2 in both casual and intense ways.

Finally, regarding use a controller Regarding, we have tested the game with the control of an Xbox One. Having played Divinity Original Sin 2 on the console before, we can say that the experience is practically identical. Being able to move through the game as if we were playing on television with a console is something tremendously gratifying.


The game performs very well, we have tested it with an iPad Pro 12.9 (2020) and having the whole screen and that processor to play with, has been a real joy. It is true that it is not an iPad Pro with M1 chip, but still the game performs extraordinarily well. It has the odd jerk when loading the game but afterwards the fluidity is incredible, the game moves with a smoothness worthy of a Mac or a new generation console.

On the other hand, the texts, at least in the version in which I played, sometimes do not adapt perfectly to the interface, which gives the feeling that the game is somewhat “broken”. In any case, Larian is working on correcting these kinds of things and many of them have already are solved, but it is more to put some fault than anything else.

In short, the game is brilliant, incredible, having a game of this category on an iPad is the closest thing to a A dream come true, especially for the most fans of RPG’s. Having all the control options and that they work in such a solid and simple way makes we can only recommend this kind of games. If your thing is the role and you enjoy with an iPad, Divinity Original Sin 2 is the game you’ve been waiting for.