The legendary Ryan Coogler and Shaka King come together to create a great project in Hollywood. The directors seek to portray a social conflict in their next job.

The ‘Black Power’ is taken one more time Hollywood. After five years in a row in which both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and SciencesAs critics in general have praised African-American cinema, its greatest exponents come together for a great project. More and more names appear when it comes to talking about ribbons with color talent, but some stand out much more than the rest.

After Barry jenkins was acclaimed for directing the award-winning Moonlight, other directors made space in this medium. Notable cases are, for example, those of a couple of promises, Ryan coogler (Black panther) Y Shaka king (Judas and the Black Messiah).

Now, if one of these is almost a guarantee of success when it comes to filming, the fact of a collaboration is more than promising. Yes, they both got together and agreed to share the creative functions of a new film.

The plot that this project will lead is not yet known much, but it was known that it was a story about the political insurrection in EU Thus, while King will be the one who sits in the main chair, Coogler will only act, for now, as an executive producer.

However, your insight into the study could help bring in many of its characteristics when setting a tone for the argument. However, they will not be the only two great filmmakers who will be part of these credits.

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At the same time, Charles D. King, who was featured as a producer in Judas and the Black Messiah, and the actor Lil rel howery (Space Jam: New Legends) will collaborate in the development of this installment.

Even more information is expected regarding the title and history of this great production.

Fountain: Collider

Picture: Variety