After announcing that the previous week they kicked out more than 50,000 hackers from Call of Duty: Warzone, Activision is once again a target of criticism in the middle of the battle royale event. The audience of Twitch Rivals Europe, the tournament that brings together competitive players from multiple games, including Warzone, witnessed a moment worthy of scandal. One of the participants was wearing a aimbot during the game while streaming it live. No, this is not a joke.

The accused, by name DavskaR, resorted to an automatic aiming tool to try to excel in the tournament of Warzone. However, his movements were too obvious for the rest of the competitors. One of those affected, Fifakill, showed his discontent through Twitter; Mainly because those responsible for Twitch Rivals Europe did not restart the game and allowed the hacker to continue playing.

Fortunately, an investigation was launched after complaints rose through social media. Most of those affected provided evidence that exposed the illegal practices of the aforementioned hacker. After analyzing his movements, the organizers concluded that he was indeed cheating. DavskaR was immediately expelled from the competition of Warzone and from Twitch. In addition, the tie will be rebooted.

According to information from Dexerto, DavskaR were part of the Twitch affiliate program. Before being expelled from the platform, he had approximately 8,000 followers. The situation made more noise because we are talking about an official competition of Call of Duty: Warzone with millions of viewers spread across different parts of the world. $ 75,000 is at stake, which is not a minor figure.

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The experience of Warzone plummets

That a hacker has managed to sneak into an event with so many reflectors reveals the difficult moment he is going through Warzone. While Activision’s revenue continues to grow quarter over quarter, and the community continues to grow, playable experience plummets due to hackers / cheats, bugs and poor weapon balancing.

The solution? For now, Activision and Raven Software have just kicked out hundreds of thousands of players –600,000 so far – that they have violated the policy of use of Warzone. Unfortunately, most return shortly thereafter without having learned their lesson. Now they took it to the next level by broadcasting it live in the middle of an official competition.