In ADSLZone we have been testing the program Supreme Remote Dekstop, and we assure you that it can be one of the best alternatives to TeamViewer for various reasons, but mainly because of its multiplatform interface and because it does not need any type of port, just with some credentials. Let’s see it.

Easy use and cross-platform compatibility

With a remote control program we can connect and control a computer in a few seconds thanks to programs like the one we are talking about today. Although not all are multiplatform, SupRemo will allow us to connect indistinctly from a Windows, Mac or Linux from any operating system, even from a iPhone or Android.

its Interface It is ultra simple to use and its access is also very fast, so if you have an emergency, simply enter the ID and password to access, without opening ports, or configuring any firewall or router.

Another very important element that we have to underline is that it does not require installation: In fact, it is portable software that we can store on any portable drive such as a pendrive or a portable hard drive. It will only be necessary to click on the icon, execute and that’s it. That will save us from having to configure parameters, install it on our system, and skip the possible firewalls.

Reliable and fast connections

Peace of mind for the security in the connections, because the remote software encrypts all the connections that we make between one computer and another (or more than one) with 256-bit AES, one of the most widely used and secure ciphers currently available. In addition to encryption, a new private key is generated for each remote connection to a computer that increases security.

Likewise, once we have the software installed, we can access a contact management console where we can control the different PCs to which we have access, as well as provide them with an ID and fixed password. Through the console we can also create backup copies of what we do on other computers thanks to Uranium Backup.

Software analysis

That said, the software offers us a customizable interface that is very easy to use. It is so easy that someone who has never used remote control software would know how to do it. Once we open the portable program, we will find the following options in the menu:

Connection. In this section you will find our personal ID and password, which we will use either to connect to another computer, or to connect to ours. Within this section, we will simply have an option to Receive and another of Connect to. In both, we will only have to enter an ID and a password that will be provided by the computer to which we are going to connect.

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Tools. We can customize the program, change the interface … Among the options, we can create a fixed password for our computer or a temporary random one of 6 characters. In addition, there is an option that allows us Request authorization, so that every time there is an incoming connection, it asks us for authorization.

We will also find other options, such as configuring the proxy (if we use one); change the language; protect the program with a password; change permissions; minimize it; access reports and control history or register in the program to have access to the contact list through SupRemo Console.

Contacts (edit). This is one of the main sections where we will connect to the computers that we have access to.

License. As we will mention below, there are several types of license that we can acquire, and this is where it will be necessary to insert the activation code for it once acquired.

What interests us most about this program will be, obviously, accessing another remote computer. Once we have used the ID and passwords provided, with a double click we can access our contacts and in a few seconds we will be inside the computer that we want to control remotely.

We will meet the following options: a file manager to transfer folders, programs, or whatever; a chat to talk to the person on the other side of the PC, control to restart the remote, change roles with the other user; a keyboard; send Alt + Tab or Ctrl + Alt + Del, among other options; activate full screen; video options or disconnect and log out.

Supreme App

Much cheaper alternative to TeamViewer

One of the most favorable points of the SupRemo software is that its price is very attractive. It offers us a certain flexibility in the selection of licenses taking into account that the plans can be activated quarterly or annually. Its price is much lower than the same competing software.

To check the prices, what better to recommend than Access SupRemo prices and plans, where you will find two plans, the Business plan and the Solo plan whose basic difference is only in the number of simultaneous connections that can be launched, all the technical functionalities of the program are the same.

A very important element to underline is that SupRemo allows you to make a 21-day free trial of the software during which it will be possible to test its functionalities before proceeding with the purchase.

We are sure that, if you are looking for a safe, reliable alternative that, all things being equal, is much more affordable compared to the most emblazoned programs of the moment such as Teamviewer, SupRemo is undoubtedly the perfect solution for private, professionals and Business.