All Black Clover fans have great affection for each of the characters that appear in the beloved anime and manga series, and it is that, recently, it has become popular to a great extent to the extent that it already has a large number of fans all over the world, and some of these show all their talents by performing amazing fan arts.

Something that has surprised us is that a talented artist has managed to give a radical turn to one of the anime’s characters, to the extent that he presents it to us in its most daring version, which will leave all Black fans with their mouths open. Clover, and we are talking about a fan art of the female character of Noelle Silva.

The best of all is that, with its great popularity, it has increasingly become the subject of amazing fan arts, such as the one we will see today from the talented artist Zumidraws, who as usual presents his creations with his so beloved style High-res version.

This version of the female character of Noelle Silva, is enjoying a sunny day while modeling a tiny swimsuit that will be the sensation of anime fans, to the extent that, if you liked it, you can enter the official Instagram account of the artist, to see more of his creations in the High-res version.

We must mention that, this fan art has taken the sweetest and most attractive side of the character and presents her to us truly charming while spending a day at the beach. Best of all, zumidraws wanted to immortalize this beloved female character from Black Clover, in a version that will not be easily erased from our heads.

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