A fan art shows us the most daring version of Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

A fan art shows us the most daring version of Aqua from Kingdom Hearts

All fans of the Kingdom Hearts video game saga have great affection for some of the characters that have been present in the various installments, this is the case of Aqua, who for a long time was a worthy representative of the Kingdom Hearts saga. , in the beloved video games.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that all fans of Kingdom Hearts video games have great affection for the female character of Aqua, and that is that her video games are part of some of the most striking titles on consoles. Best of all, the video games in the saga have brought smiles to a large number of players, for which it has greatly earned our appreciation.

We must mention that Aqua enjoys great popularity among Kingdom Hearts fans around the world, and her incorporation into the history of the video game has allowed us to see how the number of playable representatives is further expanded, as is the case of the participation of this warrior.

Interestingly, many fans convey their affection by making amazing fan arts, like the one we’re showing you today, dedicated to the character of Aqua, that will surely leave you speechless. The talented artist Zumidraws has decided to make a fan art that perfectly recreates the appearance of the female character, in a provocative battle pose and with a high-res version style.

The artist mentioned in his post that, “My version of Northern Aqua ended up changing the face and background.” This fan art is dedicated to a more daring version of the female character in the Kingdom Hearts video games, which was published on the artist’s official Instagram account, so you can enter her to see her work in more detail. .

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If you are a fan of Kingdom Hearts, as much as we are, you will surely love this fan art. For those who are not into the video game, we will tell you that Aqua was a chosen of the Keyblade before Sora who first appeared in the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts II known as “The Gathering” (The Gathering).