A fan art shows us the most charming version of Takao from Azur Lane

A fan art shows us the most charming version of Takao from Azur Lane

All fans of Azur Lane have entered the side-scrolling shooter video game, and this has become a truly striking title, with a lot of content from the hand of its developers, the incorporation of new characters, this game has stolen the eyes of the players.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that many players have a great affection for certain playable characters, with this we can see that various players have made amazing fan arts in their honor, like this one that we will show you today in which we can see the female character of Takao from Azur Lane in a more realistic look.

Best of all, an artist has managed to create a unique and truly striking fan art, in which we can see the most daring version of Takao. This work was done by an artist known as Zumidraws, on his official Instagram account and he presents it to us in a High-res version style, so fans will be amazed.

For those who are not into Azur Lane, we will tell you that Takao is one of the Heavy Cruisers of the Sakura empire. With this we can see how Zumidraws has shown his affection for the video game, and we are interested in seeing more of his amazing designs with his own touch of sensuality.

IJN Takao: “I am the first ship of the Takao-class heavy cruisers, Takao. It may not seem like it, but I have survived countless battles. You can put your trust in my firepower and armor.”