A fan art shows us the most charming version of Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba

A fan art shows us the most charming version of Nezuko Kamado from Kimetsu No Yaiba

Kimetsu No Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer, has won the hearts of a large number of anime fans around the world, and it is one of the most recognized anime and manga series today. And, it is that after the premiere of his first film we could see how it is that he gained a huge number of fans.

Something that has surprised us is that many artists have wanted to show their affection by making amazing tributes in the form of fan arts, so this time we can see in detail a version of the female character of Nezuko Kamado, who is ready to steal our hearts. , in a High-res version style.

In this fan art we can see how one of the most tender moments of the anime is recreated in which Nezuko Kamado spends her time lying down while Tanjiro trains to be a Demon Hunter, in which the beloved female character recovers her strength through rest. , and this helps her not have to consume human blood like most demons, just that moment when Nezuko is just awake is the one that a fanatic has chosen to perform an amazing recreation.

By taking that special moment, this fan art surprises us all with the most charming side of Nezuko Kamado in a more realistic drawing style and introduces us to her truly cute while lying down.

We must mention that this fan art was published on the Instagram account of boghagsaeng, who often uploads content related to anime, and in this fan art he wanted to immortalize this beloved demon from Kimetsu No Yaiba, with an illustration of Nezuko Kamado unique in the one that more than one fan will make it their new wallpaper.

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