A fan art shows us the adventures of Link and Zelda

A fan art shows us the adventures of Link and Zelda

One of the most important titles within the franchises of Nintendois The Legend of Zeldathis video game, which has brought out some of the best titles that have existed throughout history, is suitable for all tastes, whether due to its game dynamics, map, music or even graphics, these titles are always a great experience for your players.

That is why they have become one of the favorites of many, and for the same reason they have won a place in everyone’s hearts, especially when we talk about link and the Princess Zeldawho are some of the favorite characters of many of the gamers, for this reason we can often see them in cosplay and fan art versions, but this time we will not go into details about their great games, but rather on the occasion of their recent anniversary , we will talk about a couple of great designs made by an illustrator about the beloved princess Zelda, link, Urbosa and Darkukgame members breath of the wild.

It’s about a girl named Carol Olvieiraa digital artist and illustrator that you can find on her official Instagram as @artbycaroliveirain which it has little more than 33 thousand followers and some interesting design works, which we think might interest you.

This peculiar artist, in addition to being an experienced illustrator, does a lot of work on video game girls and boys, but especially much more on anime, among her most recurrent styles we find that she really likes to make dark or gothic versions of some of your favorite characters, the girl shared two great illustrations that you should not miss.

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One where we can see link and princess zelda, sharing a pleasant moment with a warm group of friends, while enjoying a rich and abundant meal, where they share with their companions, in an open place and with a large buffet in the center; and in the second, we can see how link and Zeldaride horses in the freedom of a wide and serene open world, full of beautiful landscapes and nature on all sides.

We believe that the girl has managed to show us a very nice and relaxed version of the characters of The Legend of Zeldain more serene environments and having a good time, we hope that this fan art work has been to your liking, and please, continue on eGamesNews.