A fan art shows us an alternative version of Goku Super Saiyan God Phase

A fan art shows us an alternative version of Goku Super Saiyan God Phase

Dragon Ball Super has positioned itself as one of the most beloved anime by fighting fans, as it introduces us to the powerful Z Warriors, in the company of other of the most powerful fighters that have ever existed, so we don’t It is surprising that in a short time he has revolutionized the fandom with new transformations of his favorite characters.

There are things that never change like the eternal rivalry between Goku and Vegeta with their continuous techniques. Goku is always one step ahead of the Saiyan prince, even when reaching Super Saiyan God Phase. This moment was experienced with great intensity in the Akira Toriyama series and fans make their own versions of one of Goku’s most powerful transformations.

The artist Nova4Nation has dared to share his own interpretation of Goku’s Super Saiyan God and the result is incredible. This design of Goku looks much more current and fun, although it has nothing to do with the creator of Dragon Ball.

Here you can see a version of Goku with nods to his childhood, as he holds a martial arts staff and still has his tail in reference to Sun Wukong known as the Monkey King. Everyone knows that Toriyama was heavily inspired by the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West.

However, Goku later loses his tail and abandons his staff. This artist recovers those elements of Goku to give a different touch in this version of Super Saiyan God Phase. These changes can also be seen in the character’s torso, as well as the hair color that is more in tune with the transformation.

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