A fan art redesigns Gohan and Goten with a more modern drawing style

A fan art redesigns Gohan and Goten with a more modern drawing style

All Dragon Ball fans know how powerful the characters of Gohan and Goten are, as they are both sons of Goku. While waiting for the new Dragon Ball movie, dubbed Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO, which will be released next April, fans are still impatient for the adventures of Goku and the other Z Warriors.

Something that has caught our attention is that, in this way, the new film seems that it would not only give a leading role to Gohan, a flagship character in Dragon Ball Z and that with the passage of time and the arcs of the plot It has seen its role reduced to minimal appearances, but it could also show the teenage versions of Goten and Trunks, this being something highly demanded and requested by the fans of the series.

Gohan and Goten have fallen into oblivion in the new Dragon Ball Super series

That said, it should be noted that the three mentioned characters have suffered that loss of prominence, especially Goten and Trunks who, with the excuse of age, have been relegated to comic and minor roles. However, fans do not forget about them, thus giving rise to the fact that we have recently been able to see a new art that brings the children of Goku with a renewed appearance.

Without varying too much in their original aspects, this drawing uploaded to Reddit by the user Seven Signs Art shows us the two brothers with a design updated to modern times that, in addition, would denote not only an increase in their age, but also in their Musculature, the latter being more obvious in Goten, who would have arms worthy of his father at that age.

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Having said all this, it will be necessary to see if these two Saiyans return to what they were, since, despite the fact that Gohan recovered his mystical state in the Power saga, his participation in the arcs of Broly, Granola and Molo has been rather little or no. For his part, we only have curiosities about Goten from the fans, so we will be on the lookout.