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A fan art becomes the best wallpaper for fans of Goku and his children

A fan art becomes the best wallpaper for fans of Goku and his children

Dragon Ball is one of the series that has managed to captivate a large number of fans around the world the most, and that is because the huge community of Dragon Ball fans that frequents social networks does not hesitate for a second when it comes to showing Dragon Ball the others their affection for this anime.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, from impressive tattoos to mobile wallpapers, the truth is that there is enough material with which to put, in each one of the aspects of our lives, a bit of the most famous fighting spirit of the Z Fighters.

If you were thinking of decorating the wallpaper of your cell phone with an image of Dragon Ball, but the options you have found did not convince you, you are in luck, since a fan has created a fan art of Goku, Gohan and Goten that we all want to have.

The impressive wallpaper of Goku and his children

A user under the name @Renaldo_Saiyan has published a post dedicated to these characters. As you can see, it is neither more nor less than the powerful Saiyan, along with his children, so we can see the three of them together as they prepare for a day of training. Goku is doing some stretching while Gohan, in his adult form, is playing with Goten.

More specifically, we can see that these are outside his house, so it presents us with the moment in which the Dragon Ball Z saga has just ended in which the Z Warriors managed to finish off Kid Buu and moments before starting with Dragon BallSuper.

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Surely this design will become your new wallpaper, there is no doubt that it manages to give the image a unique style, as it is an image that is too detailed and that it presents us with the protagonist spending a warm day with his children, in addition to the fact that this is Prepare for future combat.