A fan adapted an arcade machine to play Elden Ring

A fan adapted an arcade machine to play Elden Ring

Today, arcade machines are often considered relics of the past. Rarely does a person’s main gaming experience consist of traveling to a local arcade and tossing coins into a arcade machine of Street Fighter 2 until the pockets are empty.

However, even with the ease and increased performance of playing a game on a console or PC, some gamers are still looking to have their own arcade machines personalized. Social media has seen an increase in gamers getting old hardware working again or making their own machine.

Now a player shows his arcade machine with Elden Ring running on it. It’s not too strange to see a modern game light up the old screens of an arcade machine. Previously, a Starfield fan designed his own concept based on the game. Custom arcade machines also allow almost any game to be played with a joystick.

Now reddit user Linophryne showed the home screen of Elden Ring running on your arcade machine. Sadly, the machine is not dedicated to FromSoftware’s latest action game, but appears to be a custom machine with a Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition theme.

Still, fans in the comments on Linophryne’s post found it impressive to see Elden Ring running on an arcade machine. Some asked if the machine’s buttons would be compatible with Elden Ring, to which Linophryne replied that the buttons worked when connected to a USB controller.

Upon discovering that Elden Ring was playable on the arcade machine, fans asked Linophryne to make a full game on the hardware. Often with games like Elden Ring and the Soulsborne franchise in general, some players enjoy beating the game through increasingly difficult or bizarre methods.

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