A Dragon Ball fan shows us a Gogeta Blue tattoo perfect for any anime fan

A Dragon Ball fan shows us a Gogeta Blue tattoo perfect for any anime fan

Dragon Ball is one of the things that marked our childhood, being considered by many as one of the best shonen anime in history, and over time it has delivered a series of quite surprising transformations, such as the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, Gogeta.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, of all the characters that have been shown in the series, one of the most remembered by fans is Gogeta. This powerful warrior is the perfect result of the fusion between two of the most powerful Saiyans, and we could see him in action in some of the installments of the saga.

Gogeta is presented to us this time in one of the most beloved transformations by Dragon Ball fans and we are talking about Gogeta Blue, who undoubtedly has an enormous force with which the Z Warriors can kill anyone in their path.

An epic Gogeta Blue tattoo

This time we have found a Gogeta Blue tattoo so epic that surely all Dragon Ball fans will want to have it. A tattoo that a Naruto fan has done on his arm and that has been shared through the artist’s Instagram.

Peter Hilgers, also known as peterhilgersart on his official Instagram account, is a tattoo artist who has amazed us more than once with his amazing works in which he manages to perfectly recreate the work of various animators, but on people’s skin. , and it is that, with a truly enviable result, it allows us to see a version of Gogeta Blue perfect for all Dragon Ball fans who want to get a tattoo.

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peterhilgersart has published a photograph in which he has shown one of his works, in it we see Gogeta Blue as the protagonist, one of the most anticipated characters of the Dragon Ball Super manganime. This is the result of the Saiyan fusion born through the union between Goku and Vegeta performing the Metamoran Fusion Dance, existing as Vegetto’s counterpart, his Pothala Fusion and this artist has amazed us with the Blue version of him .