A-Derma is the brand that all of us who suffer from fragile skin know well. For a problem an other we have come to her. But now it comes with a certified organic seal and with changes to its skincare lines.

I introduce myself: Here is a journalist with fragile skin, not sensitive. Is there a difference? Those of us who suffer it, we know that it does. Fragile is a degree more than sensitive. A skin about to break. That he gets sick at the least, but that he survives without medication 80% of the time.

For those who do not find much difference between fragile or sensitive, I will specify: I suffer from mild dermatitis on my scalp (with breakouts due to stress), eczema that has not just settled (thank goodness) and comes and goes Drying my eyebrows according to stress and mood, I suffer from mild rosacea on my cheeks and herpes simplex on the cheekbone, near the eye, which appears when I suffer a lot of stress or low defenses.

I also have reactive skin and there are many products that cause me to break out. I have given up on vitamin C in cosmetics, for example. To all this are added some itchy pimples and other strange surprises that do not get to have a name and that dermatologists do not recognize. Many times I go to the dermatologist and they have already disappeared. I seldom need medication, but my face (because it is mostly the face), is ugly and very annoying.

And I also introduce you: Here, A-Derma. A pharmacy line that has saved my reactive skin many times over. It conquered me many years ago on a trip to France with the laboratories: there I met its main ingredient, Rhealba Avena. Another of his maxims is the use of the right products. No odors, everything that can activate the skin, is left out and a product is made that does not harm the skin and does calm it. There I fell in love with several of his products that have accompanied me since then:

Dermalibur, for rashes and chafing, ultra dry skin and eczema. Rheacalm at the first sensation of itching (I am 100% sure that it has even saved me from herpes simplex on my cheek before it exploded and I have avoided taking medication: it refreshes me, it relieves me). Exomega, for outbreaks of dermatitis or cosmetic reactions. Sensifluid, for cleansing the face. I have my favorites and I love the brand. And everyone who has skin problems knows about a product we are talking about. Pharmacists and dermatologists surrender to its benefits. According to the brand, more than 45,000 doctors recommend it in their consultations.

The Bio seal

But changes are coming for A-Derma. And they are important. A-derma is renewed and wears the BIO label. The firm has obtained the Ecocert seal from Cosmos Organic, one of the most demanding in the world. This means that it is 99% of natural origin and that in turn these natural products have also been obtained naturally and with processes of respect for nature.

I don’t think the formula and the way they do things have changed much. Pierre Fabre, founder of the laboratories that bear his name and creator of A-derma, was always a visionary who loved nature and the power of plants on the skin.

But things change and now it is not enough to do things well. Nor is it worth counting them. They have to be audited and demonstrated. And that is what is achieved thanks to this label. The guarantee that agriculture is ecological, that things are well done and all processes are ecological and respectful of nature. In addition, they also assure us that they are 100% vegan creams.

From A-Derma they also tell us that has also managed to extract the sap from the Rhealba oats by means of a new process they have patented much more sustainable. No solvents or added water. The fresh seedlings go through an extruder, which destroys the plant walls. This process eliminates several subsequent steps and reduce the consumption of water and energy.

The new Biology line

There is another important change, the A-Derma Biology line arrives. This new line has various moisturizing and cleansing daily treatment products: A light cream and a rich, denser cream, to be used according to the texture we prefer or need.

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A-Derma Biology Rica

A-Derma Biology Light Cream

A-Derma Biology Light Cream

Make-up remover milk Micellar water

The cleansing line has two products: micellar water and make-up remover milk. The second is very moisturizing for those with drier skin.

The main ingredient in all the products in the line is the sap of Avena Rehalba. Although in each product other ingredients will abound. And it has no perfume, something basic in this type of product.

Biology Anti-Redness

Three creams for specific care

There are also three variants within the special care line:

Biology Ar

Biology AR, anti redness. For red-looking rashes and breakouts. With mandarin extract that soothes and attenuates the appearance of redness thanks to its anti-inflammatory action (price: € 18.50).

A-Derma Biology AR (Anti-redness) 40 ml

A-Derma Biology AR (Anti-redness) 40 ml

Biology Nutri

Biology Nutri. For dry skin that borders on the pathology or for specific dryness problems. Enriched with Safflower oil, this treatment strengthens the skin barrier and provides lipids, comforting and softening the skin. It is perfect for skin prone to eczema. (price € 18.50).

Biology Nutri Treatment

Biology Nutri Treatment

Biology Calm

Biology Calm. To the soothing properties that Rhealba Oats already offers, they add Colas Nut that refreshes and relieves the sensations of discomfort in skins that can hardly bear anything. It has also been tested on allergic and intolerant skin (price € 18.50).

Biology Calm Treatment (40 ml)

Biology Calm Treatment (40 ml)

Some A-Derma lines disappear

This supposes some changes in the shelves of the pharmacy. The Exomega line remains (which is a gem for those who suffer from dermatitis or atopic skin). Dermalibur remains, which is specialized for rashes and redness due to rubbing (very suitable for overweight people, or for localized eczema). We will continue to find Epitheliale AH, for skin recovery after medical interventions and Phys AC, anti-acne treatments for fragile skin. But others are already disappearing and we will find their effectiveness in this Biology line.

Rheacalm or Sensifluid are unified in this new line. The A-Derma micellar milk that I have been using for years, will not be Sensifluid, but Biology.

Another product that used a lot of Rehacalm was the eye contour since it is a very sensitive area. But all the new creams are highly tolerant and can be used in the eye area. I will now use Biology Calm on the entire part of the cheek and around the eyes when I feel the itch that bothers me so much and that predicts the appearance of herpes simplex. If I see that my rosacea is getting worse or I notice redness (fragile skin sometimes has several ailments at the same time), I can use AR. In eczema, Biology Nutri.

This is how those of us who have this skin live that goes a step beyond sensitive skin. Looking for what best suits us according to the moment. Because when you treat one thing, you see another that maybe was there and was not seen, or is transformed and because there are pathologies that mix and become neither one thing nor the other and they are all at the same time.

What has always been important to me about these products is that they are a preliminary step to the disease and that they avoid reaching the medication because they truly relieve. And their prices are very good.

Other times they accompany and help precisely the effects of the medication. In fact, there are many children and adults with atopic skin or with cancer treatments who have been able to improve a lot thanks to Exomega. Psoriasis in very early stages is greatly alleviated thanks to Exomega as well. Emollient cream is a bestseller for these ailments.

This is a great example of how much Rhealba Avena works: The plant that has been sought and created especially for the A-Derma laboratories, where the fields are cared for and collected in a unique moment, in which the plant is perfect. to extract the sap and work it immediately. And that conquers those of us who have fragile and sickly skin.