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A day in Paraíso, the town where the Dos Bocas Refinery is being built

A day in Paraíso, the town where the Dos Bocas Refinery is being built
New inhabitants.

1. Paradise has been crowded with orange. In 2018, before the start of the construction of the refinery, the municipality had a little more than 90,000 inhabitants. But this figure has increased in recent years: the work employs around 25,000 workers, according to official data, many of them from other states of the country, mainly from the south.

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two. A few days after the inauguration of the refinery, the boards that announce the vacancies are still in force. In the photo, workers wait to be called in front of a board that is in the facilities of the ICA company, one of the construction companies of the work. Lines of men waiting to be hired are seen daily.

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A pochimobile.

3. The city of Paraíso is experiencing a special chaos regarding transportation. The inhabitants say that since the beginning of the construction the price has increased. In the photo, a pochi or pochimovil, a traditional form of transportation in the southern region of the country. These are usually seen transporting refinery workers. Up to six people travel in one of these vehicles.

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The day to day.

Four. The men dressed in orange are seen in all the streets of the city. At the beginning and end of work shifts, dozens of them arrive and leave the refinery in different modes of transport: motorcycles are the most common.

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Heading home.

5. The refinery is built near where a Pemex hydrocarbon separation battery is located. The flames of the fire of this complex are noticeable from a distance. In the photo, workers from the refinery, are transported by boat to cross the river from Isla Andrés García, a community where some Dos Bocas employees now live due to the high rental prices that exist in the sites near the construction. .

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More business.

6. Around the refinery and in front of the river, there are a dozen small and large businesses that have had a construction boom. Many of these were small businesses that were able to invest capital after construction began on Dos Bocas, residents say.

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New name.

7. The Dos Bocas refinery is already a sign of identity for the inhabitants of Paraíso. The complex already shares the name with shops, tortilla shops and other small businesses. In the photo, a food stall that is just a few blocks from where the construction is.

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Friday in Paradise.

8. The center of Paraíso, like the rest of the community, also seems crammed with workers. The city is full of orange. In the photo, Dos Bocas employees on a Friday after finishing their workday.

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