A cosplay shows us what Aloy from Horizon would look like in live-action

A cosplay shows us what Aloy from Horizon would look like in live-action

Once again we visit the profile of the famous cosplayer on Instagram, and we have noticed that she continues to make interesting deliveries, that is why, and to please our readers, that another cosplay from Maria Karpenko.

the lovely cosplayer Phoenix Fatalist, who through his Instagram, which already has more than 117 thousand followers, which is not surprising, since his work is very well received in the community.

On this occasion, we bring you the most realistic version of Aloy, which we have found on the net so far.

How well you know, the quality of this cosplayer is excellent, since once again she shows us her incredible work through a photo session she did in kyoto-park, Ukraine.

It is not surprising that the cosplay artist pays great attention to even the smallest details of it, Maria, better known on social networks how phoenixfatalist, delights us once again.

Aloy, who is a brave girl, seeker and hunter with enviable skill, which is why she has given us some of the best gaming experiences through Horizon.

The girl, using an incredible version of the original cosplay, where she wears her long, red and rebellious hair like Aloy, her clothing made from pieces of fur and thick fabrics that protect her from the weather and some dangers that may appear in her path.

All the costumes are based on brown tones and details in red and blue, in some shots you can see him with his bow and arrows, as well as with an adorable fox, giving more realism to his shots in the area.

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With fantastic landscapes appearing in each of the images, which help the pretty cosplayer more easily enter character.

Once again we have enjoyed the quality of his work, as well as his unique style when posing for the camera, worthy of creating admiration for his excellent performance in which he manages to embody some of the greatest characters.