A cool Nezuko Kamado chibi version tattoo

A cool Nezuko Kamado chibi version tattoo

The darling of many, Nezuko kamado, It is followed by many and even fan art, cosplay and references of it are constantly made.

News about the popular co-star of the anime series is constantly being released. Demon slayer, of which its original name in Japanese is Kimetsu no yaiba.

This time, we will talk about an amazing tattoo that a fan named Leila, went to be done with a popular tattoo shop located in Canada, and who through his Instagram evans_edy, shows us his works.

We can see that in said tattoo, they reflect a sweeter stage of Nezuko, who in the line wears his usual clothes and hugs a small doll whom he seems to protect.

This version is made in chibi mode, which makes it look even more tender, and we must admit that the tattoo artist did a great job, although also checking his Instagram, we note that it is not the first time that this boy tattoos an image of the popular anime girl.

In which, at the beginning you could see a bit of the family that made up Tanjiro, who is his older brother, who lived with his mother and younger brothers, whom Tanjiro He helped provide money by selling firewood in the city and then the still child Nezuko, helped to take care of them and keep the house in order.

When I was growing up Nezuko She was known in her town, as one of the sweetest, kindest and most beautiful girls around, for the same reason she was appreciated by her community, but things could not continue like this for long.

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They were a family of limited resources, but quite united, until the sad day when a demon attacked them, killing their mother and brothers, making their step Nezuko into a demon.

We will continue to publish attractive works by some tattoo artists, keep in touch, and tell us if they are to your liking.