In the last year and a half, almost two already, many adepts of strength training have had to learn to train in a minimalist way during confinement. Exercises with body weight were the basis of the routines and to locate a muscle group well it was necessary to have some ingenuity. In this way, having some rubber and some dumbbells was a luxury.

In this article we are going to be more optimistic and we are going to explain you a complete workout that you can do only with a bar and discs. `It may still seem like little to you, but you will see that it is more than enough.

Training design






military press




at least two minutes

barbell row




at least two minutes

barbell lunges




at least two minutes

Romanian deadlift




at least two minutes

hip thrust




at least two minutes

We have opted for a fullbody scheme, that is, full body. This means that in the same session we work all the main muscle groups through basic multi-joint exercises.

If you observe, you will see that the repetitions we perform in each exercise follow an increasing order from 6 to 14. We have designed this so that after each training session, we rotate the exercises in such a way that after five sessions each exercise has been worked in the entire range of repetitions proposed. Ideally, we should leave one or two days of maximum rest between one training session and another.

Regarding the RIR, let us remember that they are the abbreviations of repetitions in reserve and that they refer to a self-regulation tool. RIR 2 means that we must choose a weight that allows us to reach the proposed repetitions feeling that we could perform two more. We don’t do them, we make the proposals, but the feeling must be at the end that we could have made two more.

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Military press

We started with a military press, a basic for our delts, especially the previous one.

The movement begins with the bar resting on the palm of our hands and on our clavicles. It is important that our elbows point forward so that when starting the pushing movement the trajectory of the bar is vertical and ends above our head. If the elbows point to the ground what will happen is that we will push the bar forward and up, not up and back.

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Barbell row

The barbell row is an exercise that usually causes problems since to execute it correctly we must place our torso as close to 90 degrees as possible, that is, parallel or at least almost parallel to the ground.

Maintaining this posture requires strong spinal erectors.

Once in this position, which would be the same as a Romanian deadlift, We row with the bar towards our navel without modifying the position of our back and hips.

Barbell lunges

The barbell lunges are a very complete exercise both for our quadriceps and for our hamstrings and glutes to a lesser extent.

Although there are many variants, the most comfortable for both our knee and our stability is to perform the stride backwards, as in the video. Lower yourself as far as possible without letting your knee touch the ground.

Romanian deadlift

The Romanian deadlift is the best deadlift variant for our hamstrings as it offers a great stretch stimulus during the eccentric phase.

It is important to correctly dissociate the movement made by our hips and that made by our lumbar spine. Our hips should flex but our lumbar spine should not.

Apart from this, try to lower slowly and not separate the bar from your body.

Hip thrust

Finally we have the hip thrust, a direct exercise for our glutes as it is a horizontal thrust of the hip, which is known as a horizontal vector exercise.

The peculiarity of this exercise is that it allows the glute to reach its highest peak of tension when it is contracted, contrary to what happens during a Romanian deadlift or lunges.

We need both types of exercises for a complete development of our gluteus.

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