September has welcomed us with a most autumnal weather that will have helped many to change the chip for the return to the routine, which has such a bad reputation but is also a little appreciated. Reencountering good habits is always something difficult, that’s why in this Walk around the cuisine of the network We have listed simple recipes to organize homemade menus, ensuring that they are also healthy.

If, like many of us, deep down you want to reconnect with the comfort of a more homely life, leaving aside that certain lack of control of summer and holidays, surely you also want dishes that taste like home, pointing towards the colder months but still with the memory of the warm days. September is a month of transition in which we can still enjoy pleasant afternoons without the suffocating heat weeks ago, with the last blows of summer fruits and vegetables, and preparing the pantry for the fall.

Appetizers and starters

Salads are not going to say goodbye to our menus, neither now nor when the cold strikes, that is why we like the idea of ​​preparing marinated mozzarella like Sonia de L’Exquisit does. Who says for salads, says for snacking or setting canapes and other snacks, as the mini ball format lends itself to many presentations.

Rosta de pan with herring and grape from Blog de cuina de la dolorss.

They would also be a good topping to garnish the appetizing and fresh cold cucumber soup proposed by Macu from I have an oven and I know how to use it, who is also celebrating these days with the publication of his new recipe book. These fresh creams are prepared in a jiffy and will solve your first course or dinner, and would make a good pair with the bread roll with herring and grape Cuina de la dolorss blog, a toast full of family memories.


Rice wafer rolls stuffed with vegetables from Fabrisa’s kitchen.

Another salad, one of those versatile ones that you want all year round, is the one that Miriam from The Winter Guest teaches us to prepare, with roasted lentils and aubergines, seasoned with the za’atar spice mix that we like so much and that adds an oriental and very aromatic touch to the dish. A good portion would be good for us as a single vegetarian dish, although it is also a great recipe to serve first or as a garnish, also for meat and fish.

And if we want another appetizing, simple and very light idea, surely you will like the rice wafer rolls from Fabrisa’s kitchen, stuffed with various diced vegetables, which in this case are also accompanied by cooked prawns, but which could be made 100% vegetable or combined with leftover roast chicken, cooked turkey breast, tuna, etc.

Main courses


Julia’s cod with tomato and her recipes.

In the recipes that we have selected to star in the main dish started with marine flavors, such as the always infallible Cod with tomato how appetizing is presented in Julia and her recipes. This succulent homemade sauce is crying out for bread, and it is undoubtedly a perfect dish also for a container or to have it ready in advance in the fridge.

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The rich dressing of the halibut fillets with creamy mustard sauce that they propose to us in Cooking with the chachas is not far behind in its appetizing appearance, a very simple preparation that shows how easy it is to get out of the routine in the typical fish recipes to eat every day at home.


Rabbit with garlic in the style of the Alpujarra de Atrapada in my kitchen.

We now turn to meat with a very nutritious and very healthy product, the rabbit, this time cooked Alpujarra style garlic sauce. A traditional platazo to embrace the home atmosphere that teaches us to prepare Lidia de la O en Atrapada in my kitchen, recalling the more homemade flavors of those grandmothers and mothers meals.

And to close the salty menu we are left with two other recipes that perhaps we would not normally think of making during the week, but that will help us face the routine with a different spirit and are not complicated at all. On the one hand the tasty marine fideuá of Lamboadas de Samhaim, which will improve substantially if we have homemade frozen stock but we can make with commercial quality broth, and on the other the vegetarian idea of ​​Piloncillo and vanilla, some original governor mushroom tacos, completely vegetable, but full of flavor.

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Desserts, breakfasts and snacks

Returning to the routine of urban life, school, office or telework will always be more bearable with the odd one sweetest whim to start or end the day, or to sweeten the after-dinner a bit.

Ice Cream2

Banana and chocolate ice cream from Cocinando entre olivos.

They do not have to be complicated desserts or especially gochos, as Ana María from Cocinando entre olivos shows us with her very simple banana and chocolate ice cream, a chocolatey version of nice cream healthy that we like so much, and for which only two ingredients are needed.

We continue to take advantage of the fruit of this season with the plums of late summer, for example to dress them as a more festive dessert with the idea of ​​My sweet temptation; Silvia has used the Metis variety to caramelize them a little in the pan and serve them warm with cream ice cream and a simple crunchy of pistachios.


Classic Herb and Spice apple cobbler.

Another original and easy dessert, this time with the fruit of the fig tree, are the tonic figs with bladders taught by Xabier Gutiérrez Cocinero, lightly macerated with tonic and served with crushed almond ice cream and the curious fruit also called

And we say goodbye for now with a typically late summer dessert, a appler cobbler American classic prepared by Maite de Hierbas y spices with “real” apples from her apple trees in Austria. Very easy, fast and absolutely delicious.

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