A book that teaches you to sell yourself better with coach techniques

A book that teaches you to sell yourself better with coach techniques

Today there is a deep need to stand out in the market and doing so depends on elements that have become a reference, on how to stand out from the directors of your company, from the members of the team you lead or from your co-workers, with who share the same responsibilities, so achieving sell you better with the help of techniques coach It’s fundamental.

With each of these cases, a very important aspect is evident and it is the one that has to do with the way you get involved in the best way with co-workers.

To understand how to achieve it, a work of tremendous support in this is Being a Personal Coach…And Not Dying Trying: Strategies to Know How to Sell Yourself and Sell Your Services Consistent with Your Values.

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In this complete text by David Alonso García, the author explains that concepts such as the pattern of money must be understood, the key rules for using a coaching manual, answers to key questions such as why you do not have clients, explains the importance of putting a price on services and knowing how to determine them; explains the resources that can help you attract customers, connect with them.

The thread of the book is based on sales and the importance of generating good attraction channels and customer retention experiences. All this universe of tools are valuable and largely determine the opportunity that we professionals have, to position ourselves, either as members of a team or as entrepreneurs.

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