A Blizzard producer blames Bobby Kotick for the delay of Overwatch 2

A Blizzard producer blames Bobby Kotick for the delay of Overwatch 2

The purchase of ActivisionBlizzard by Xbox has generated all kinds of reactions. The company’s own CEO, Bobby Kotick, has given different interviews explaining his point of view, even recently blaming the workers for Overwatch 2 being so far away in time. However, now a Blizzard producer blames Bobby Kotick for Overwatch 2 delay. He has done it on his Twitter account, where Tracy Kennedy, producer of Overwatch, has commented above Kotick’s responsibility in this event.

“Bobby, tell everyone about the random projects for Overwatch 1 that you threw at us, that the team was doing overtime only to have them canceled and so that they lost months of development of Overwatch 2. Or how almost entire teams are turning around and citing you as the reason (for the delay). Don’t be shy”, Kennedy began by saying on his Twitter account and in response to the damaging words that Kotick has poured on the Overwatch 2 development team, which almost a year ago also lost its director and main person in charge Jeff Kaplan.

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“Oh wait, that’s right, you hide behind scapegoats because You are a coward, my mistake. the whole world you will remember as a greedy joke and there is nothing you can do about it to change it. We beat you and we beat you. Goodbye”, Tracy Kennedy closes her harsh message to a Bobby Kotick who finds himself more in the eye of the hurricane with each passing day. A Bobby Kotick who will remain in his position as CEO from Activision Blizzard until the purchase operation is definitively closed by Xbox. Then it will be Phil Spencer who bears that responsibility.

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