The Flash, DC film for 2022, will present two Batman at the same time in the cinema. However, it seems that one of them will not be so relevant in the plot.

DC You need next year to be able to compete face to face with Marvel at cinema. Despite the fact that both companies have a large audience in comics, and even the former surpasses the latter in many written stories, the big screen has been a great challenge for this one, as it has failed to fully convince the public. This situation has a very notorious direct implication and that is that the same success is not perceived at the box office, since ‘La Casa de las Ideas’, now allied with Disney, cruelly overwhelms its competition constantly in the box office. However, next year, with productions such as The batman or The Flash, the story could change.

The latter is a long-awaited work, as it is known that it will be based on Flashpoint. History suggests that, after traveling back in time, Barry Allen puts reality at risk. Thus, to try to save his mother in the past, he shakes the whole present.

Because of the incredible alternate reality that this creates, it is that the film looks so attractive, because if it adapts well it will surely impact. However, there is an element that has everyone waiting and that is the appearance of two Batman at the same time: that of Michael Keaton and that of Ben affleck.

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Since the news was known, the rumors did not stop. Many reports indicated that there would be a fight between the two. Other portals, in turn, affirmed that between the two and the protagonist they would assemble a super group to appease the threats that are presented.

However, one factor has caused doubts about all this and it seems that Affleck would be a very secondary character. This conclusion is launched from the time the actor was seen on set. According to the insiders of Hollywood, the interpreter recorded all his part in a week.

If so, it would not appear for a long time, diminishing its importance. In turn, while other artists like Ezra Miller, Michael Keaton or Sasha street (Supergirl) were seen rolling, the same did not happen with him. This does not rule out that his scenes are mostly indoors, which could be another explanation, being that he would be seen more like Bruce wayne than anything.

To find out, with total security, we will have to wait until November 4, 2022, the date that is scheduled for the premiere of The Flash.

Source: GWW