More and more PlayStation Exclusives Getting a PC Release. Lance McDonald’s statements seem to be consolidating more and more, although the truth is that they have already achieved some reliability thanks to the ports by Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone for PC. Recently there have been rumors that suggest that this list of exclusives available on PC will increase in number thanks to the launch of one of the first titles announced for PlayStation 5. We will now proceed to analyze the information that indicates that Sackboy: A Big Adventure, will be ported to Pc.

The leak of the port of Sackboy: A Big Adventure for PC

The Twitter account dedicated to news, rumors and discussion of gaming matters @ Okami13_ ha posted the following tweet:

This tweet links to an entry in the Steam database, in which you can find information about the future launch of Sackboy: A Big Adventure for said video game distribution platform. If so, this will allow us to enjoy this PlayStation exclusive on our PCs.

Many fans of Sony platforms see this kind of movement with some contempt, considering that PlayStation consoles lose their value by viewing part of your catalog available on other platforms. While this reduces the number of exclusives that such consoles can offer, it should also be noted that this expands the catalog of options for PC users.

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Regarding the reliability of this rumor, as always, we must warn that nothing is official until the companies themselves make an announcement about it. However, we must also consider that there have already been Similar cases in which, thanks to a leak From the Steam database, it has been possible to anticipate the launch of a new game for the platform.