A 30-minute HIIT routine to lose weight by training at home (and without equipment)

A 30-minute HIIT routine to lose weight by training at home (and without equipment)

There are many people who want to train at home, either due to lack of time, because the type of training they do does not require specialized facilities or material, or because they acquired this habit during confinement.

For any of these reasons, In this article we offer you a 30-minute HIIT workout so you can do it at home without equipment.

training design

The structure of the training will consist of six rounds of five minutes divided into five exercises in which we will work 40 seconds and rest 20.

When selecting exercises We have opted for two exercises with a cardiovascular component and three with strength. Let’s see how the training goes:

Six rounds of the following:

Mountain climbers or climber

We start warming up with some mountain climbers.

The mountain climber adds a great cardiovascular component to a spinal stabilization exercise. Basically we could say that the mountain climber consists of a plank to which we add a destabilization component by alternating the support points from the feet.

Air squats or squats

With the arms extended in front, we initiate the movement driving the hips back and shifting the weight towards our heels. When we reach the proper depth beyond 90 degrees of knee flexion, we begin the concentric phase by contracting our quads and glutes and returning to the starting position.

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for hdo push-ups correctly We must choose a surface as regular as possible, and place our body as if it were a table. If we were seen from above our elbows should form an angle of about 45 degrees regarding our body, that is, it is a mistake to open the elbows up to 90 degrees.

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In addition, push-ups are also an anti-extension exercise for the spine, so we must not forget to activate the core so that our pelvis does not collapse during movement.

jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are a classic exercise that add a cardiovascular component to our training. There are many variations and you can choose the original, as in the video or any other you like.

Choose a rhythm from the beginning and keep it until the end.

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Lunges or strides

Although lunges are often understood as a primary exercise for quads, the joints and muscle mass involved make it a much more complete exercise, including our hamstrings and glutes in the equation, especially if we perform them as in the video.

The choice of performing them by lunging backwards responds to the reason of subtracting unnecessary stress from the anterior drawer of the knee joint.

This article was originally published by Ángel Gardachal in May 2020 and has been reviewed for republication.

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