90’s shooter looks amazing with Ray Tracing

90’s shooter looks amazing with Ray Tracing

Yesterday, some modders have released an interesting new mod that makes the doom original, with great ray traces, and the result has been phenomenal, so you should not miss it. This cool new visual mod for the original 1993 release of doomwas created by modders Sultim-tand what it does, is add real-time trace routing to the source port PrBoom from doomso it is currently compatible with the first three episodes of the classic shooter game and drastically changes the overall appearance of doomallowing you to play old-timer with amazing, modern lighting.

Now, if you also want to try it, Installing it is simple, since you will only need a file doom wad mod to run it, which considering how old and cheap the game is, you probably already have one somewhere on your computer, so afterward, you just have to download the mod to PrBooma modern source port of doom and it will be ready.

Sultim-t explains on its download page, that this mod only works for GPUs from Nvidiabut they are willing to try to make it work in Linux. It should be noted that this is not the first time that we have seen a classic shooter receive the ray tracing treatment, since in 2019, Nvidia was associated with Id to create Quake II RTXa version of the classic shooter that also used real-time ray tracing technology.

We must admit that the appearance of doom and quake It’s much better when you use fancy real-time lighting, as its simple textures and geometry make it look like a much more modern video game, as now improved lighting can enhance the atmosphere of these old school digital worlds and doom in particular it may look scary, but it looks great.

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