When we go to the supermarkets we do not know very well how to interpret the products to identify them as healthy, or not. In addition, we tend to buy products that are not healthy for us, due to the psychological hunger that enters us when we walk through the aisles.

Today we are going to talk about 9 healthier products that Lidl offers us, so you can choose, one of the most famous supermarkets in Spain. Within these products, we will incorporate some that are easy to prepare so that in this way you do not resort to ultra-processed ones, which are harmful to your health.

Traditional gazpacho

Gazpacho has incredible properties and, although the best thing would be to consume a homemade gazpacho, the ingredients and the labeling of this product are quite good, to be ready to consume.

It is a very simple dish to prepare, since you can even take it directly from the container or mix it with tomato, onion and pepper, to give it a tastier touch. There are infinite types of very healthy gazpacho, but we have chosen to show you this one in particular, since it is the traditional recipe.

But in general, this gazpacho from Lidl is made with extra virgin olive oil and with the ingredients that the homemade ones usually carry.

Soft whole oat flakes

Lidl oats

The soft wholemeal oat flakes are perfect to make your breakfast very complete and filling. In fact, the properties of oats are many, but over all its contribution of fiber and vitamins. Specifically, it can be seen in the packaging that it contains 14% fiber, a very good value.

Emphasizing the satiating effect they have, they can be perfect if you are in a period of fat burning, therefore, you have endless recipes with oats that you can add to your diet and thus help you lose those extra kilos. And along with a daily physical activity, they will be really satisfying.

Quinoa and kale stir fry

I am not very in favor of half-cooked meals, since they incorporate additives for their preservation. Real fresh food is always better, but this stir fry contains two really very healthy types of food, making this product not as bad as other foods.

Quinoa Kale

What’s more, as it is frozen, it is not necessary so much additives for its conservation, since with ultra-freezing it maintains its properties for longer.

70% sugar-free dark chocolate

Chocolate Value

There are times when we have sweet cravings and we tend, then, to eat something that is not good for our health. Therefore, we show you this Valor chocolate bar with stevia, so that you incorporate a little sweet in your diet.

Although it is not totally clean in terms of sugars and the percentage of cocoa, if you maintain a balance between what you eat and what you spend, you can consume it without any problem. In addition, there are many recipes that you can make with healthy dark chocolate.

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Natural flavor tofu

Natural Tofu

Suitable for vegans and non-vegans, tofu can be a great food to incorporate into your diet from time to time.

The truth is that many do not like these foods, but for those who do, you can use it in many dishes.

In addition, Lidl launched a bio organic line with many products like this one, so that the foods you eat are healthier.

Besides that, together with its natural flavor, you are incorporating a truly incredible food into your diet, With a very high protein intake and a highly recommended food for your health.

Plain yogurt

Natural Yogurt

Lidl bets strongly with its bio organic line and incorporates a natural yogurt with only 3.8% fat. As we have commented previously, it is about having a balance, not restricting your diet one hundred percent, but allowing yourself to eat something different occasionally.

Being natural, it is perfect for those who want to eliminate or reduce sugar from their diet, something that is highly recommended. In addition, you can complement the yogurt with pieces of dark chocolate or fruit, thus increasing its flavor.

Canned cooked chickpea

Chickpea Lidl

This type of food is perfect when we don’t have time to cook, getting us out of a hurry, Since they are already cooked legumes, they can be perfectly prepared as salads or with other types of recipes.

What’s more, legumes, the most famous being lentils and chickpeas, they will give you a good supply of protein and fiber, but remember to wash them very well to remove all the liquid and sodium.

Guacamole 96% avocado

Guacamole Lidl

For me, this product is one of my favorites, why even being prepared It is really very healthy, although you have to be consistent with the amounts you put onas it is very fatty.

Contains 96% avocado, providing you with a number of very interesting healthy fats. Even so, it is important to comment that it is not a homemade guacamole, since it does not contain the ingredients of the original recipe. If you plan to prepare it in a homemade way, we leave you the recipe here.

Wholemeal penne rigate

Integral Penne

We tend to make the mistake of cutting out carbohydrates because we think they are fattening. Carbohydrates will not make you gain weight, excess food will, that is to say, that the energy balance is not balanced.

Incorporating carbohydrates in the diet and combining them with other macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, will cause you to have a complete and rich diet, reducing the anxiety level of a restrictive diet. To give you some ideas, we put some recipes with whole macaroni around here.

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