9 tips to make going back to school and teleworking as comfortable as possible | Technology

9 tips to make going back to school and teleworking as comfortable as possible |  Technology

Returning to the routine is complicated, but not impossible, and that is why we want to give you a cable with a series of tips so that returning to classes and teleworking is enjoyable.

January is here and the first Monday second Monday of the year has already passed. After this contact with reality after the holidays, it is time to fulfill both work and studies.

Going back to school and telecommuting is tough, so let’s start with some tips to make it as enjoyable as possible. Of course, you do not have to try them all at once. You have to adapt the ones that best suit you.

Disconnect and rest

Yes, it may not seem logical that the first advice is to disconnect and rest. But the reality is that returning to work or school from vacation is very stressful.

To try to combat this in the best possible way, what you can do is take things easy. And, is that, the best thing is to try that everything goes calmly so that things go smoothly and without much pressure.

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Communicate with your colleagues

Teleworking can be very lonely, so if you are part of a team, the best and most advisable thing to do is to try to maintain a cordial relationship with all your colleagues.

Saying hello in the morning, asking about the day, and offering to help are absolutely necessary for everything to go forward. What’s more, If you have returned to classes, but you have to follow them from home, it is also advisable to ask and talk with classmates.

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Plan your time

To get everything to have a more than measured rhythm when working, your thing is to start planning from the first moment. The planning tools can be of any type, from an agent to an application.

The important thing is to always carry everything well measured, so you will save time when having to do any task. You will know the time you have to dedicate and, in addition, the next and previous task will already be pending within the planning.

Keep hydrated

It may seem like a joke, but dehydration dramatically affects our performance. Staying hydrated at all times ensures that our performance is always at its optimal peak.

It is more than advisable to have a bottle of water on our table and take small sips as our day progresses. It is not necessary for you to get wet, but it is advisable to never have a dry mouth.

If it’s complicated, do it before

What is usually done is to leave the complicated for last, but this is a mistake. By doing this we will arrive tired at the last task and it will be the one that will cost us the most.

It is best to do this task from the first, so when we have to finish all the work the final tasks are the simplest and we face everything in the best possible way.

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Try to make the space cozy, but without going overboard

We can believe that having an aseptic space is the best option when working, but this is not true. Having a place that is ours and also has a reflection of our personality makes us much more comfortable.

And, is that, making the space our own makes us much more comfortable when it comes to working or studying. Of course, this does not mean working from bed or from the sofa. The desk and chair are essential.

Keep a sleep routine

Sleeping well is more than necessary when working. Having a limited sleep routine ensures that getting out of bed is not a tragedy every morning. To have a well-established daily routine, it is best not to leave work until the last minute.

It may be that postponing situations is what the body asks of us, but the reality is very different. What must be prioritized is to always sleep in order to rest and be able to face the world as well rested as possible.

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Use apps to focus

Many times being focused is complicated and we need applications that help us spend minutes without any distractions. Do not be afraid to use them and, in fact, it is most likely that they will be of complete help.

The apps that work best for focusing are those that follow the Pomodoro method. What this method does is offer time intervals of 20, 25 and 30 minutes in which we have to focus only on our tasks.

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Try to be responsible

Having to work or study from home requires a fairly high level of responsibility. And, is that, self-management is something that we have to have to be able to face this type of situation.

Many times the easiest thing is to try to save everything for last or not, but this is bad practice both at work and when studying. Being responsible or at least trying is absolutely necessary.