9 tips to clean the house after a party

9 tips to clean the house after a party

Throwing a party at home is great; what is not so important is cleaning up afterwards. Here are some tips to help you.

9 tips to clean the house after a party

Last update: 16 January, 2022

After a house party, it’s time for an activity that may not be so much fun: cleaning up. Yes, you probably want to close your eyes and, when you open them, find everything pristine. But you’re an adult and you know that’s not how things work.

Remember how much fun you had with your friends and think of the many memories you will have for future conversations; this will help you clean and order the house with more spirit. Here are some tips to make things easier for you.

1. Start by ventilating

Once the party is over you will notice that the atmosphere of the house feels heavy. And even if all you think about is going to your bed and resting, there are some urgent things you must do before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

Therefore, the first recommendation is to give your home a little oxygen. Open windows and doors and let rooms air out for at least 10 minutes.

Have you heard about cross ventilation? Use it to your advantage. If you have windows on opposite or adjacent walls, you just have to open them and voila!

2. Put food away

You may be dying of sleep, but food cannot be exposed. Store food in containers and containers and place those that need it in the fridge. In the same way, discard what is impossible to take advantage of.

3. Take care of the dishes

Start with bottles, glasses and cups; empty them down the drain and then do the same with each one. Bottles in the trash, glasses in the dishwasher and cups in the sink to wash them by hand.

Later other delicate pieces follow, such as trays, fountains and plates. If they have remains of food stuck, it is convenient to leave them to soak.

To do this, pour a little degreaser and wait for it to act. The rest you can put in the dishwasher; this includes cutlery. And to sleep!

Don’t let dirty dishes accumulate. It is an action that you will appreciate doing at the beginning and not postponing.

4. Get everything ready and vacuum the floor

The next day you will not find a major disaster, which is a relief! So focus on moving furniture and rugs to vacuum or sweep. You choose.

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After, proceed to scrub the floors to get rid of any stains and disinfect with a splash of vinegar. Once it is dry, replace furniture and rugs.

5. Don’t forget what’s left to soak!

The night before you left some plates and dishes soaking. It’s time to wash them! You can do it by hand or place them in the dishwasher; This will depend on how delicate the piece is.

Waiting! Before doing so, dry what you had left in the dishwasher. Try to do it with a microfiber cloth, since they do not leave lint.

6. Clean the kitchen thoroughly

You have already put away the food, washed the dishes and all that remains is to thoroughly clean and order the kitchen. The first is the worktop; it is likely to have traces of dirt and grease as a result of the party.

Follow the sink. Wash it with soap and disinfect with vinegar until it looks shiny. When you’re done there, sweep or vacuum the floor, mop it up, and let it dry. The kitchen is officially ready!

7. Wash and disinfect the bathroom

behind the kitchen, the bathroom is another of the rooms that requires your attention after a party. Clean the sink, toilet, faucets and other accessories. Also, change the towels and put a new roll of toilet paper.

Cleaning the bathroom after a party is unavoidable. I’m sure many guests used this space.

8. Check your furniture and carpets

At parties it is common for guests to forget to use cup holders, which wreaks havoc on your furniture surfaces. You can use a damp cloth to remove surface stains. However, if this does not work, you will have to employ more drastic measures. For example, a specific product for furniture.

Proceed in the same way with the rugs; these are not exempt from a stain of wine, other drink or food. When you attack them immediately you have a better chance of being victorious. We forgot the tablecloths! You should also check them and if they have any damage, let them soak.

9. Put everything back

If for the party you took out some extra chairs or tables for the guests, remember to clean and put back in place. This is the latest! Your house will look as if a celebration had never happened, although all the memories remain in your head.

Cleaning is the only way to get your house back to normal after a party

No matter how tired you are if you have a party at home, you must clean up afterwards. Or at least take care of the most important thing: food scraps.

The next day you can do a deep cleaning in all the rooms through which your guests passed. Especially the kitchen and bathroom. Give your furniture and spaces back their old appearance and act as if nothing had happened. The important thing is that you remember it!

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