9 best Fortnite Discord in Spanish

9 best Fortnite Discord in Spanish

Head over to these Discord channels to stay up to date on Fortnite.

In the past, players could create community through forumsbut now the trend is to use instant messaging services like Discord. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get in touch with other users and find out what’s new about a video game. This service works through serverscompatible with the main operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux. That said, we want to make it easy for you and recommend the best fortnite discord channels in Spanish.

Thanks to the features of Discord, there are very complete channels about video games. If you want to create your own channel, here are the best bots you can use on Discord. But maybe you’re just looking good channels about Fortnite to always be informed of the news of the game. In that case, below we are going to make a list with Fortnite channels that they are worth it.

From the Discord app you can discover new channels from fortnite. You just have to enter the compass icon to explore public servers of your interest. Is it so divided by categories, but you can search for a specific topic from the search bar. The application will show you a list of results with the servers that match your search term. However, at AlfaBetaJuega we make it easier for you to find the best Fortnite Discord in Spanish.

Top 9 best Fortnite Discord in Spanish

Spanish-Speaking Fortnite Official

one of the channels more active of Fortnite with more than 220,000 members from different Spanish-speaking countries. It is the official channel of Fortnite in Spanish, created and moderated by Epic Games itself. Therefore, it is one of the best options to find all the news of the game, know the status of the servers or the new events available in Fortnite. Perfect if you want to find players to form squads.

MrBingo|Fortnite Community

MrBingo Discord Channel

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. This channel has more than 5000 members that weekly share the Challenge maps translated into Spanish, as well as very specific information about the game changes. In short, it is a very useful chat to keep you updated with the game on a daily basis with a community in spanish.


this channel has grown very fast until reaching almost 13,000 members, being a very active community. Here you can engage in conversation and debate with many video game fans from Spanish-speaking countries such as Peru, Mexico or Spain. It is a very well organized Discord, where many games are discussed, including Fortnite with all the news it generates weekly.

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This server has a smaller community that is slowly growing. But it’s perfect for start on Discord without stress, where you can ask all your questions if you are new to Fortnite. This chat was created to give advice and find players for the most popular modes of the game: Save the World and Battle Royale that can be played with more players. It is also a space to keep up to date with updates.

Fortnite Latin America

Fortnite Latin America

A community of only 1500 members, but it’s worth it. Here you will find Spanish-speaking players to share your experience with the game, as well as multiplayer games. By joining this group, you will be able to access private games and the possibility of broadcasting your games with friends.

Fortnite Latam Scrims

This small community is centered on help fortnite players and above all they create custom games for users. If you start playing Fortnite, it is a good idea to be part of a smaller group where they will help you to know everything about the game: updates, news, changes and other news. A place to share your love of Fortnite with other users.


STW-Community Discord Channel

They themselves speak of a small community, but they are already over 700 members. You will find the STW label many times, since they are channels dedicated especially to save the world mode (Save The World). Here you will find help to overcome weekly challenges that Fortnite raises, but you can also make friends with “sociable people wanting to grow”according to his own description.

Gamers Latin America

You already know that in Latin America there is a great community of gamers from fortnite. Originally, this group was created to play shooter, but currently they have more activity in games like Fortnite. Here you can share your strategies, tricks and everything you know about Fortnite, as well as being able to form squads with other people. Be sure to check it out because it has almost 3,000 members.

official fortnite

Official Fortnite Discord Channel

We always recommend enter the official channels of Fortnite because they have more tools to ensure a good environment. Therefore, Official Fortnite has to be among your options with almost 763,000 very active members. It is one of the largest communities in the game, where you will find many players, information, tips and updates of the game daily.

These are the channels Top Fortnite Discords, where you can find very useful information about the game. And that’s not all, as it is a perfect meeting place for players looking for adventure companions. In this case, we remind you that each channel has its own rules of conduct and the administrators of these channels can ban or ban users who do not respect the rules of the community.

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