80% of gamers don’t buy a new GPU: NVIDIA’s failure

80% of gamers don’t buy a new GPU: NVIDIA’s failure

While it is true that the global is not so representative considering the individual, since AMD has sold more GPUs in percentage terms than NVIDIA in this statistic, Huang’s still have a much higher share that gives it a higher final number. But the data does not lie and considering that Steam is the largest gaming platform in the world, these show a harsh reality for the Greens to accept.

80% of gamers do not buy GPUs, who is to blame?

Well, as we saw last week there are several factors such as price, the shortage of some models and incidentally, the release of the new SUPER models on the market (at least in theory according to rumors).

As we can see, the 21.36% of the players would be using RTX 20 or RTX 30 graphics cards, a very small percentage if we take into account that it has been a year since the last ones were presented and where the number of units sold according to NVIDIA and their financial results has been a record.

This evidently evidences what we already know: the cards have ended up in the hands of the miners. But there is more … 47.9% of users have not gone through the NVIDIA ring and maintain GTX graphics on their PCs, with the most popular models being the GTX 1060, GTX 1070 and GTX 1080.

Given these data, one wonders if NVIDIA is going to do something about it with its RTX 30 series and especially with its new Ada Lovelace RTX 40. The answer is very curious.

NVIDIA turns the page on its failure: no plan changes


If you sell almost everything you make, you have record profits and everything is going smoothly, there seems to be no reason to slow down. The problem is that GPUs are not getting into the hands of those who want to use them for what they were designed for: gaming. It may sound like a good deal, but the massive millions of dollars and years of R&D for RTX and DLSS technologies is literally going down the drain.

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Colette Kress slipped some pretty interesting statements about whether it will affect everything said for the new generation of RTX 40 GPUs and … Basically she said that this will not affect the new generation, because although most of the production capacity does not reach the gamers, NVIDIA would move on to the next next generation graphics architecture. Thus, gamers can take the leap when the new GPUs are ready.

That is, the company does not assume or recognize that the RTX 30 are a failure in the eyes of the players, because they are not reaching their hands and they are reaching the miners, where they also encourage us to buy their new GPUs despite the fact that very few want to acquire the current ones for the excessive prices. The excuse has changed from “unavailable” to “outrageous pricing” to “switch to newer GPUs and forget about it.”

Does this mean that the new RTX 40 graphics cards will be more affordable? Unlikely, unless it means that when this new generation comes out and the price of the RTX 30 falls, then it is possible that users will buy them. In any case, NVIDIA is failing in the fact that the current ones reach users, who tend to be loyal to the brand, the miners instead seek outright profitability, we will see if they think the same when they are not the kings of mining .